Our co-worker, Jason Vlacich, took part in the Stratos Cloud Alliance Business Building Conference 2020 (BBC20). Jason was a guest speaker during the session “Peer Panel #2: Journey to Success with D365 Business Central”. The purpose of this session was to create discussion on each speaker’s success with Business Central and how they built their Dynamics 365 practices.

Jason discusses GraVoc’s first introduction to the cloud which was in 2017 with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and CRM. Being a NAV Partner, it was a natural progression for us to move to Business Central and start to move some of our aging NAV clients over to the cloud. Jason defines GraVoc’s sales process as opportunistic and strategic as we aim to find the best fit solution for each individual customer based on their specific needs. Jason continues by explaining how the first step for any implementation is analyzing the business and seeing things like what legacy systems they are coming from, do they have multiple systems working together etc.

When asked about where most of our sales come from, Jason discusses how being in the Boston area, our quickest Business Central sales tend to come from high technology and bio-tech startups who don’t have any legacy systems and are in need to get their financials running efficiently. Business Central becomes a perfect application for them to use and be able to mold their business early on to fit the system. As the company grows, implementation grows so it is good to have a solid setup. At GraVoc, with our Information Technology and Information Security departments, both groups offer managed services and has evolved to services such as desktop support and security backups. This creates a one-stop-shop for our customers where we are able to provide both technology and security services.

Jason reiterates that the most important part for success is the analysis to understand the effort that needs to be put in place and what the best solutions are that will fit their needs.One of the biggest challenges that Jason has experienced is when it comes to the level of customizations and modifications. He encourages an open flow of communication. Having weekly implementation and risk assessment meetings to try and get the customers involved in the process and that the partner and customer are holding their ends of the deal.

Overall, Jason has realized that customers are more receptive to the cloud as everything can be done and managed efficiently on it. He advises organizations to keep moving forward as technology is constantly evolving and that the cloud is the future! If you need any assistance with Business Central or any of the D365 products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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