Our recent website launch is in support of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for their #LiftYourSpirits social campaign. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, workers in the foodservice and hospitality industries have been forced to cut hours and suspend business. Many of the workers at these restaurants and bars will be faced with not earning income in the upcoming weeks or months. The #LiftYourSpirit campaign aims to help these workers! Read more about the campaign below.

Over 1 million restaurants in the U.S are home to 15 million employees. Up to 7.4 million restaurant workers are expected to lose their jobs from the spread of COVID-19. In response to this, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and The Light Foundation started the #LiftYourSpirits campaign to provide financial assistance to workers facing hardship during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

How to Participate:

The #LiftYourSpirits campaign was started to lift the spirits of restaurant workers while you lift your spirits in honor of them! Here is how to participate : 


  1. At home, take a video of yourself mixing your favorite drink
  2. Say a toast to those affected in the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industry.
  3. Post the video to your social media accounts using #LiftYourSpirits
  4. Challenge your friends to do the same!
  5. Turn your tip into a donation by clicking below!

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