Posted: Friday, March 27th 2020

To our Customers, Vendors and Friends,

It is hard to believe that another week has passed during these very unusual times.  During this past week Governor Baker issued a stay at home requirement for all non-essential employees and businesses in the Commonwealth.  While GraVoc is classified as an essential business due to the nature of support that we provide, we made the decision last Friday to move to our phase 3 of our pandemic plan for both the safety and security of our employees.  We put this phase into effect as of Monday, March 23rd.  While we have been keeping our office open for equipment and mail receipts, our team has been working remotely since that time.  Our remote procedures are currently working both securely and efficiently and we have been able to stay fully operational and serving our very diverse customer base.

During the next several weeks, under phase 3 we will not be doing site visits or dispatching any of our employees.  For equipment deliveries we will arrange for customer pickups and we will work with our customers by phone and video conference to provide any of the services that we would normally have done in person.  Other than that, it is business as usual for us as we continue to service our customers and move projects forward.

We recognize that this is a very stressful time for many of you and we want you to please know we are here to help in any way possible to lessen the stress.  In this past two weeks we have opened and closed hundreds of tickets providing support on establishing remote connections for our customers, as well as addressing ERP, CRM and application support needs as well.  We have also been keeping a watchful eye on Cyber security issues as well.

In closing, many of you may have already been contacted by members of our team to check on your health and to ensure we are meeting your needs.  We truly appreciate the kind expression of support that we have received in return.  We will continue to keep you updated over the coming weeks.  Please stay healthy and safe as we all look forward to an end of this pandemic crisis.

David Gravel, CEO of GraVoc

Posted: Tuesday, March 17th 2020

To our Customers, Vendors and Friends,

First, happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you.  Amid all the Covid-19 information, it is easy to forget those things that make our lives feel normal.  While I am sure this will be a very different year for celebrating this event and others, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a great day.

On Monday of this week, GraVoc entered Phase 2 of our pandemic response plan.  As we discussed in last week’s communication, we have now instructed our staff to not attend group meetings, outside meetings, trade shows etc. until further notice.   We have also discontinued and cancelled any plans for travel.  Our focus now is on remote support of our customers using all the virtual and remote technologies we have at our disposal.  In response to the fast-changing situations, our staff was given the choice yesterday of working remote themselves.  While many chose that option, our office will remain open unless and until we are ordered to shut down the facility through a work-in-place declaration by the Governor.  Our staff continues to take all the recommended CDC precautions to ensure their safety regardless of their work location.

We want to emphasize to our customers that GraVoc is fully operational and is both ready and able to help during these very difficult times.  Yesterday, we fielded an unprecedented number of calls for assistance helping our customers establish remote connectivity, remote printing, and remote application access through secure VPN connections.  I am happy to report that our team handled the significant volume with both grace and dignity ensuring every ticket was closed by end of business.  We would estimate that over 95% of our requests for support can be handled remotely, so we are poised to keep our customers and their network working productively, safely and securely.

As most of you are aware, GraVoc offers a wide range of services to  help you design and implement remote worker environments that are secure and reliable that will enable you to work remotely and  keep your business operational during these very challenging times.  Our team is here and equipped ready to help you in any way you need. 

We are all hoping that this virus threat passes quickly, and that we can return to normal operations soon, but we all must be prepared to prevail in a longer-term remote situation. We will keep you informed throughout the process, and we wish you all to be both safe and healthy.

David Gravel, CEO of GraVoc

Posted: Friday, March 13th 2020

To our Customers, Vendors and Friends,

Like all of you, we are deeply concerned about the Covid-19 virus and the impact that it has on our employees, our customers, our vendors, our families and our friends. As a company we are doing everything we can to plan for the worst while we hope for the best.

In that regard we have already enacted Phase 1 of our pandemic response plan by:

  • First, notifying our employees of the impending concern and the mitigation efforts that we either have in place or are putting in place.
  • Distributing the CDC advisories to our team which provides a protocol for prevention and mitigation to include:
      • Hand washing and sanitizing
      • Self-quarantine measures if you are sick
      • Increased facility cleaning
      • Avoiding risk when possible by using remote meetings and teleconferencing
      • Minimizing exposure to crowds, unnecessary travel etc.
  • Creating a Microsoft Teams site for unified communications
  • Preparing for safe and secure remote operations using secure VPN’s and high-level security protocols
  • Addressing supply chain concerns with some inventory reserves for our customers
  • Deploying technology that allows us to minimize the need for site-based support
  • Deploying sanitization supplies in our vehicles and in our facility.

In Phase 2 of our plan, which we will likely be deploying this week, we will be instructing our staff to not attend large group meetings, trade shows etc. until further notice, and we will be reducing our on-site support to a minimum. Thus, we will be using virtual and remote technologies to provide support to our clients. We feel this next step is important for the safety of all. We have ordered protective accessories (gloves and masks) which, when they become available, will help us to ensure the safety of staff in the event of a required emergency visit.

We are hoping, like all of you, that we do not have to implement Phase 3 of our plan which is a strict quarantine. Fortunately, in that regard we are equipped and prepared to run 100% remote and we have done so on a test basis during past weather events. Using collaboration tools like Teams and GTM, we can connect to each other and to all of you and continue to work regardless of location. While working from our office location is quite convenient, we are prepared to address a longer-term remote situation and continue to provide a high quality of service and support.

In closing, our plan is to keep you all informed throughout the process. Certainly, if you need our support and assistance for anything we are here for you and we will continue to be here for you. In the interim, we wish everyone to be safe and healthy and for this virus issue to pass quickly.

David Gravel, CEO of GraVoc

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