As National Drone Safety Awareness Week continues, we’re taking a look at how drones are shaping the business world!  In 2014, we became one of the area’s very first commercial drone service providers, as one of the few businesses to acquire a 333 exemption from the FAA. Since then, our Creative Technology team has worked with hundreds of businesses within different industries, from documenting the damage after a major fire in Cambridge, to creating cinematic videos for local realtors, to even filming for music videos! 

The video and photography capabilities of drones are becoming an integral part of businesses around the world. With video marketing becoming more important in the age of social media, our Creative Technology team goes above and beyond to create compelling videos and photos for our customers. Our Part 107 certified drone pilot has over two years of flight experience. That coupled with our fleet of Inspire series drones and full video production studio, we can bring your ideas to life. Below are examples of how different industries are utilizing the power of drones for their business. 

Drones in Real Estate

Video walk-throughs can be a powerful tool to give potential home buyers a true feeling of the flow of a house. Partnering with a drone pilot can help show things about a house that can be hard to get imagery of, such as a new roof.

Construction & Contracting

Drones can be used for many different applications in construction. Taking site photos and videos before, during, and after a job is completed can both give you insight into the progression of a project and create assets for your next big bid.

Promotional Marketing

Just about every business can use drone photos and videos to make their marketing assets more exciting. What better way to showcase your stunning new storefront or building than with aerial photos! Use them for social media posts and website banners to increase engagement with your customers. Combine drone footage with interviews and clips around your facility, and you can create a video about your company that is a real work of art. Check out some of the videos we created for promotional marketing below including a shoot we did for the grand opening of the Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab at Northeastern University’s Kostas Research Institute.

Disaster Inspection

In December 2016, we were contacted by Channel 5 WCVB Boston to conduct a disaster inspection on a fire that tore through an apartment complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The footage was used to show the extent of the damage that the fire had caused to the building and the surrounding apartments. Another disaster inspection we shot was for a flooded area of downtown Peabody Massachusetts. The aerial shot of the flood provided officials with a clear understanding of the impacted area and a compelling video that could be used to market funding for the area to prevent future floods from happening.

To learn more about drones and #DroneWeek, check back to our blog for themed posts every day this week! Looking to utilize drones for your business? Check out our Drone Services page by clicking below!

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