This week is the first-ever National Drone Safety Awareness week! The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) created this weeklong campaign to raise awareness of drone safety in hopes to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.  This is done by ensuring that all those who utilize their airspace do so in a safe and responsible manner. Starting November 4, 2019, the FAA along with drone operators around the country will join together to help promote drone safety and best practices.  Since 2014, GraVoc has been at the forefront of the drone industry by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations and using that knowledge to take our drone services to new heights. During #DroneWeek, we will be sharing stories, news, and tips about drones and drone safety to celebrate the exciting advancements this industry is making!

Drones in 2019

Drones have become an integral part of our economy since they first arrived on the consumer market, with new businesses and technologies taking off seemingly every day. These new strides have impacted industries in ways that we never imagined and are poised to change everyday life as we know it.

Public Safety & Security

Drones are helping make our communities safer and even providing lifesaving operations. 


Drone are helping large and small businesses in photography, real estate, insurance, infrastructure, agriculture and more.

Commercial & Medical Delivery

The next package you receive may come via drone! The FAA is currently working with partners to tackle numerous operational concepts. 

Education & STEM

Drones are helping students get a different perspective when studying science, technology, engineering and math. 

The market for commercial drones is growing fast, and could even triple between now and 2023 according to the FAA’s most recent industry forecast. Since 2015, over 27,000 commercial drones have been registered in the US. Based on the registration rate for commercial-use drones, it is estimated that about 823,000 drones will be in operation by 2023, surpassing the estimates from last year. With drones now being used in applications from movie-making to medical deliveries, they are here to stay. As both the industry and technology evolve, so does safety and public awareness. 

Make sure to visit our blog this week as we celebrate National Drone Safety Awareness week by sharing stories, news and safety tips! For additional resources on drone safety, check out the links below!

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