GraVoc President/CEO David Gravel was featured in the Fall 2016 edition of Babson Magazine. Babson Magazine is created and published quarterly by Babson College, where Dave earned his MBA in finance and information systems in 1984. In this edition, one of the featured stories is based on Babson alumni who have ventured into politics. From city councilors to state representatives, the article focuses on the community leaders who help guide their communities and undertake city initiatives. David Gravel was one of the city councilors interviewed for this article.

Aside from his duties at GraVoc, Dave has spent the past twenty-one years serving the City of Peabody on the school committee and the city council. In the article, Dave speaks on why it is important to give back to your community and the social responsibility that everyone has for the betterment of the city:

People who care about their community, Gravel says, should become involved. A government is only as good as the people who lead it. ‘If you have positive people run, you have a positive government.’

As Dave mentions, the impact of a local legislature can have as bit of an influence as the federal government. After years of planning, the revitalization of Peabody’s downtown area is underway and the city has taken notice.

Our local civic leaders are truly what keep our communities evolving and growing. Being a local official requires commitment, sacrifice, and understanding of the city. Throughout his entire career, Dave has shown his commitment to Peabody and is regarded as a responsible, caring and compassionate individual who loves his city.

Photo: Tom Kates

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