Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is one of the most popular Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software applications in the world. For many years it has been the standard for organizations who need powerful core accounting, reporting, and business intelligence capabilities in several industry sectors including Healthcare. The following are the 11 top reasons why a Healthcare organization would benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

1.) Dynamics GP has very strong and well-known core accounting modules Healthcare facilities of every size would use:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Bank Reconciliation
  3. Vendor and Payables Management
  4. Customer and Receivables Management

2.) Dynamics GP offers scalability for Healthcare facilities on many levels:

  1. Multi-ENTITY
  2. Multi-FACILITY
  3. Multi-PRACTICE
  4. Multi-STATE
  5. Multi-CURRENCY
  6. Multi-COUNTRY

3.) Dynamics GP has enhanced functionality bundled with each full user license:

  1. Electronic Banking (ACH payments, Positive Pay, Lockbox Processing)
  2. Requisition and Purchase Order Management
  3. Inventory Tracking and Healthcare Materials Management
  4. Fixed Asset Management
  5. Payroll with Direct Deposit
  6. Human Resources Management with ACA reporting
  7. Analytical Accounting and Grant Management
  8. Project Accounting
  9. Shipping and Receiving
  10. Workflow

4.) Dynamics GP has flexible, customizable and scalable deployment options:

  1. Client/Server installation entirely on-premises
  2. Web Client/Server on-premises (extends a web browser-based user interface)
  3. Server hosted in a secure private cloud with 24/7/365 remote access
  4. Web Client using a hosted private cloud server

5.) Dynamics GP has limitless revenue and cost tracking capabilities for diverse and complex Healthcare facilities:

  1. Practices
  2. Patients
  3. Physicians
  4. Grants
  5. Philanthropy
  6. Fund Raising
  7. Capital Projects
  8. Volunteer Programs
  9. Endowments
  10. Food or Concessions
  11. Gift Shop
  12. Corporate
  13. Information Technology
  14. Allocation can be performed across multiple cost centers

6.) Dynamics GP is based on SQL Server technologies and includes an incredibly diverse range of financial reporting capabilities – both embedded and also external to the application:

  1. Cost and Profit center reporting
  2. P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  3. SmartLists
  4. SQL Server Reporting Services
  5. Excel-based Reporting
  6. Actual to Budget performance
  7. Power BI
  8. Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators
  9. Business Alerts

7.) Dynamics GP integration tools exchange data with other information systems and can be set to run continuously, on-demand, or to a predetermined schedule:

  1. eConnect
  2. Web Services
  3. Service-based Architecture
  4. Integration Manager
  5. 3rd Party (ISV) options

8.) Dynamics GP has customization options to meet even the most complex organization’s needs:

  1. Modify windows within the Dynamics GP application
  2. Create windows to provide proprietary functionality or enable data-tracking mechanisms specific to the organization
  3. Create and modify reporting from both inside and outside the Dynamics GP application
  4. 3rd Party (ISV) options, some with specialization in Healthcare
  5. Modify Dynamics GP default application behavior.

9.) Dynamics GP is secure:

  1. SQL Server – the database platform – is well known for its security capabilities and has a long track record and history of reliability
  2. Dynamics GP uses Role-based security within the application so end users are limited to their assigned functionality
  3. The GP Web Client, the SSRS reports, and Management Reporter all utilize SS.

10.) Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office:

  1. Excel. Word. They all work seamlessly with Dynamics GP.

11.) Dynamics GP costs less and does more:

  1. Implementation does not take years to complete
  2. Phase-in new modules or additional functionality as the organization expands or changes
  3. On-board newly-acquired practices or locations to the existing system easily
  4. The timing and costs of applying service-pack updates and even performing major version upgrades are in your control
  5. Your Implementation Partner helps ensure your Dynamics GP implementation is successful, but then Dynamics GP runs on its own.
  6. Online reference materials, development and integration guides, printable manuals, the CustomerSource portal with searchable knowledge-base, as well as local GP user groups and online forums are widely available and are constantly being updated as new features are released.
  7. Post-live technical support and ongoing training is available through your local Implementation Partner as well as directly through Microsoft.

GraVoc specializes in the development, customization and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  If your company IS seeking a truly customizable GP solution,  send us a message below or give us a call and we’d be glad to set up a demo!

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