Microsoft released big information on the next version of CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be released in Q4 of this year and has a main focus on giving customers facing employees the ability to manage their daily activities and tasks in a single experience.  Microsoft is accomplishing this by providing stronger integrations and new product features.  This reduces the need to bounce around between applications which will give users more time to focus on what matters – the customer!   Check out some of the core new features below!


Welcome to the world of SMS marketing on a mobile device.  Create and integrate powerful SMS marketing campaigns. This will allow you to configure inbound SMS campaigns with SMS keywords to get SMS opt-ins.  You can also track your SMS campaigns performance. Along with SMS campaigns, email marketing has also gained some improvements in the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. Microsoft has enriched the email editor, for instance it will be possible to use the media library directly from the HTML code.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be integrating an Outlook App. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook makes it easy to track email, add contacts from within an email or create new records to track emails against the browser. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will also be integrating Excel. This will eliminate the time and effort required to switch data in familiar Excel templates.

Interactive Service Hub

The new Multi-stream Dashboard acts as an interactive service hub that comes loaded with a multi-stream dashboard specifically targeted at Tier 1 agents. Users can view and act on their workload across multiple data streams. The streams can show data from Views or Queues. The interactive service hub also comes pre loaded with a single-stream dashboard for Tier 2 Agents.


With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can listen, analyze, and drive engagement all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, or standalone. Engage with your customers, reaching them in ways never before possible. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Blogs (WordPress/Tumblr), Videos and News, you will now be able to search boards/forums and custom sources via RSS.


Stay connected when your on the go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. Microsoft delivers a seamless user experience across mobile devices, including tablets and phones, in a ‘configure once, deploy everywhere’ model. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users will be able to get full offline experience with mobile apps. This provides the ability to get your work done even when there is interruption in connectivity. Users will be able to create, change and delete records while offline.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016? Contact a certified GraVoc employee to find out what else is new in CRM 2016!


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