According to the Report on Business on Manufacturing ISM, the growth of the manufacturing sector expanded this past July. A reading above 50 indicates expansion and the July PMI registered at 52.7 percent. It seems as thou the Manufacturing industry has had an excellent start to 2015. With major growth in the Manufacturing industry, researchers are hopeful that this will start a trend for continuous growth.

Number of Manufacturing Industries

Have Seen Growth

A major contributor in the Manufacturing industries is the software that the company is being ran off of. Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Manufacturing go hand-and-hand. CRM is a leader in the manufacturing world. According to an article on, when compared with other CRM softwares:

“Microsoft takes the title this year from longtime defending champion Analysts gave the company high marks in company direction (4.5). Microsoft is heavily investing in [its] CRM platform, adding sophistication across sales, marketing, and service, and as a result is seeing increased adoption by large enterprises.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a modern, unified technology offering that uniquely empowers organizations to deliver a complete manufacturing end-to-end solution, from customer needs identification to research and development, to creating, shaping and fulfilling demand, to marketing and sales functions.  Its flexible capabilities feature options for deployment, purchase, and access, while the familiar and easy-to-use interface works with other Microsoft products to streamline processes. Best of all, Dynamics CRM is designed to fit your individual needs through extensive customization and add-on options.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has industry-focused teams that study evolving customer needs and share them with product development groups, solution partners, and our field organization. They are making a multi-year commitment to the industry supported by industry-leading investment into Research and Development. Microsoft Dynamics is built with the manufacturers in mind. With strong support from R&D investments, Dynamics in Manufacturing is Microsoft’s response to the persistent pressure on the manufacturers to deliver relentless focus on the customer through engaging them in the increasingly digital way and improving the internal processes to support manufacturing operations. Microsoft Dynamic’s  approach to the Manufacturing market drives a unique value. Dynamics approaches manufacturing differently from their larger, competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing is a complete solution that will help you:

Market & Sell Effectively by:

  • Knowing and Understanding Your Customers
  • Engaging Key Stakeholders
  • Driving Results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities, such as data cleansing and segmentation tools, campaign management features, and insightful marketing analysis, so you can better understand customers and target your resources to the areas of highest return.

Run Dynamic Operations by:

  • Capturing the Opportunity
  • Driving Critical Innovation
  • Offer Flexibility

Microsoft CRM enables salespeople to create a single view of a customer with tools that streamline and automate everyday sales processes, promoting shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Fast access to customer data and history, both online and offline, allows for effective time management & work tactics.

Provide Care Everywhere by:

  • Inspiring Customer Loyalty
  • Empowering Your Employees
  • Driving Service Resolution

Give customer service personnel the tools to deliver consistent, well-organized service by delivering customer information, case management, service history, and support knowledge to their desktops. Dynamic CRM facilitates effective practices and improved customer relations, which in turn develops customer loyalty and drives profitability.

Why Microsoft in Manufacturing?

  • Low TCO: Microsoft Dynamics is known for its ability to provide a low total cost of ownership.
  • Faster Time to Value: Where traditional disparate systems are slow to implement, require customization and thus difficult to get a return on investment within any useful period of time, Microsoft Dynamics is quick to implement, leading to a faster time to value.
  • Agile: Where traditional systems force organizations to change their business practices to match how the system works, Microsoft Dynamics’s use of industry-leading technology and integrated “best of breed” functionality, combined with state of the art toolsets, allows users to configure the system to match their internal operations. This allows the manufacturer to continue using key capabilities that may already set them apart in their marketplace as a leader and not force them to lose that competitive advantage just because they are implementing a new software solution.
  • Easy to Use: If a system is hard to use and not embraced by the workforce, then it is typically not going to achieve the desired results. Microsoft Dynamics values a people-centric approach to our technology solutions. We realize that if we can provide workers just the right amount of information, when the worker needs it, and in the right format, that worker is going to be more productive. Microsoft also has another benefit from a usability perspective in that most organizations already use our Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office platforms. These users are already familiar with the “look and feel” of a Microsoft product, and the Microsoft Dynamics solution takes advantage of this and offers the best of these product interfaces.

GraVoc Associates has over seventeen years of experience in finding the right software and technology solutions to help businesses succeed. GraVoc has worked extensively with the Microsoft Dynamics product line, and our services include implementation, custom development and support. Our Dynamics CRM customers include companies in the manufacturing, software services and distribution industries. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and to find out how GraVoc can implement a CRM system that fits the specific needs of your business, please email Email Us


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