Recently, GraVoc and Nexonia got together to host a Microsoft Dynamics GP online webinar. Dan Johnson from GraVoc Associates joined Neil Wainwright from Nexonia in discussing easy expense management with Microsoft Dynamics GP. With hundreds of customer implementations under their belt, GraVoc and Nexonia truly make a dynamic partnership. Check out the webinar video below discussing Easy Expense Management with Dynamics GP. This webinar video outlines Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration, the challenges of Expense Reporting and live product demonstrations. Check out the video to gather some information about easy expense management with Microsoft Dynamics GP.



More about Nexonia:
Nexonia was founded by Neil Wainwright and Pascal Paradis-Théberge in 2002, launching their first products in April 2004. Since then, Nexonia has greatly expanded the features and functionality of its products, and the range of industries they support. Not only that, but they have built comprehensive integrations with leading ERP solutions and cloud-based platforms, while maintaining their commitment to supporting their customers with exceptional software and service.Nexonia

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