By –Dana Chirieac, Senior Associate and AX Product Specialist – Business Solutions Practice, GraVoc Associates

With Microsoft’s Convergence 2015 now behind us, we’d like to share some of our findings from this 4 day event as it pertains to Dynamics AX. This event was attended by over 12,000 customers, partners and vendors who came to learn more about the Dynamics products and their future in the Microsoft roadmap. This article features Dynamics AX.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Microsoft unveiled a sneak peek into Microsoft Dynamics AX  7 with plans for the first version to be released by the end of 2015 but the exact date hasn’t been revealed yet.
The new ‘AX 7’ is has a delightful UI and is offered exclusively in a web browser, it runs on Windows Azure, and the whole infrastructure is cloud based with no current plans for “on premises”. The platform leverages technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, IIS, HTTPS, etc. This basically means that Dynamics AX capabilities will be available via new “work spaces,” promoting remote access across a variety of device platforms for enhanced collaboration.
Since the new ‘AX 7’ is browser based, there are a few deprecated technologies including the Windows AX client, the Enterprise Portal, and the MorphX development workspace. In ‘AX 7’ development is available only from within Visual Studio.

The priorities for implementing the new ‘AX 7’ are first for new customers, followed closely by AX2012 R3 upgrades. Also, Microsoft announced extending support for AX2009 until 2018 and also that a direct upgrade path from AX2009 to ‘AX 7’ will be provided later in 2016.


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