By – David Laster, Senior Associate and GP Product Specialist – Business Solutions Practice, GraVoc Associates

With Microsoft’s Convergence 2015 now in the rear view mirror, we’d like to share some of our findings from this 4 day event as it pertains to Dynamics GP. This event was attended by over 12,000 customers, partners and vendors who came to learn more about the Dynamics products and their future in the Microsoft roadmap. This article features Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Roadmap:

Microsoft is listening and actively responding to the feature enhancement requests submitted by customers and partners by building at least 25 new features for each new release. Some of the key new features already available include Requisition Management, Workflow 2.0, Excel-based refreshable reports and new customization tools. GP2015 was released this past December, GP2015 R2 will be released in May, and we are expecting the GP2015 R3 release to come early next year.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client:

Microsoft has been working diligently on expanding the capabilities of the Web Client version of the application. Make no mistake – the maturity of this feature in GP2015 is very encouraging and it will have a substantial role to play for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. The GP Web Client already works seamlessly with Office 365, the GP2015 R3 release will introduce multi-browser, as well as mobile device supporting HTML5.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV Channel:

The number of Independent Software Vendors with product and feature offerings is growing every year, and attending Convergence 2015 allowed us to touch base with many of them. The broad range of ISV options include everything from business intelligence products, reporting tools, eCommerce add-ins, functionality toolkits, enhancements to the GP user interface, and so many more.

It would appear that the future of Dynamics GP in the Microsoft product line is very bright. With a large installed base we see that Microsoft is working hard to keep the customer channel in mind as they continue to develop new releases. They are also carrying the theme of seamless integration with other Microsoft products into future versions of Dynamics GP. Much to watch for in the coming months!


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