What is the future of the Internet of Things? In our last post, we explained how The Internet of Things connects objects to each other. We demonstrated how we developed an app called ‘MeterReader’ in which we used Arduino and Firebase technology to connect to our electric meter to give us a real-time estimate of how much money we are spending on our electrical usage. Currently, the Internet is a human-to-human affair, however, that is changing rapidly. With the inventions of new technologies and softwares, the IoT will soon change our daily lives.

Three things can be certain when discussing the future of the Internet of Things:


The Internet of Things will infuse our surroundings with communications and intelligence.



The number of smart things will increase with intelligence and activity.


More and more information about us and our well-being will be accessible.

As different infrastructures around us are updated, our lives will become gradually more intelligent.  Our everyday objects will be able to communicate with one another as well as share and receive data. 95% of executives expect their company to be using the IoT in three years’ time. If you are not ahead of this movement you could fall behind your competition.

How will the Internet of Things Affect Your Company?

Internet of Things will unlock new revenue opportunities for existing products and services. This will spark a new wave of innovations among companies and will encourage greater investments in technology. The IoT will increase productively in our lives by a staggering amount.  Businesses that learn to adapt will continue to thrive.

Finding ways to apply the Internet of Things to your company is not hard. What are your clients needs? How can you make these needs be better accessible for them? The goal is to allow for interconnectivity throughout all aspects of your business. The IoT enables you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure and technologies and make those products or services more connected.

Securing the Internet of Things

With everything being connected, one major problem is security.  Many new devices will fall under a business or personal infrastructure. What this ultimately means is that there will be a lot of sensitive information floating around in the ‘clouds’. How do we secure all this information? As these new devices evolve, so must its security.

Security should be the first objective tackled when dealing with a device that will contain sensitive information. Unfortunately, during the development of many devices security seems to be overlooked or underestimated. As a result, hackers are able to breach these devices and prey on the vulnerability of its victims. The first part of developing new technology must be security. Once this aspect is achieved the rest of the developing process should take place. The Internet of Things should revolve around security to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

Check out our contribution to the Internet of Things in our video below.





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