Last month, GraVoc Associates provided a word of warning for anyone getting rid of cell phones and other technology after the holidays; the amount of data stored on today’s mobile devices makes them a treasure trove for hackers and identity thieves. GraVoc’s newest whitepaper, “Mobile Device Management: Challenges and Solutions,” expands upon the security issues presented by mobile devices in the workplace. The whitepaper discusses the risks organizations face when allowing smartphones and tablets in the workplace, and offers strategies for managing those risks and securing mobile devices against loss, theft, or inappropriate use. “Mobile Device Management: Challenges and Solutions” can be found on our website: We appreciate feedback from our readers, so we encourage you to leave a comment on this blog post and start the discussion.

GraVoc Associates, Inc. is committed to providing solutions to customers with the use of technology through its practices of information technology & professional services, media production, information systems, and information security.  Our information security practice provides IT assurance, consulting, and audit solutions that will help businesses assess the risks of mobile technology and establish controls to secure confidential data.  For more information regarding GraVoc’s services, please visit

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