Throughout the month of April, GraVoc’s info security team has had the opportunity to fit four tradeshows into their schedules.  The first week of April, they attended the Annual Meeting for the Credit Union League of Connecticut.  The second week, they traveled to Maine for the Maine Bankers’ Association Bank Expo 2011.  Last week, they took the trip to Boxborough, MA for the Great New England Credit Union Show, and yesterday they returned to Connecticut for the northeast Bank World conference.

GraVoc’s staff had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet many new people.  Aside from the typical tradeshow fare of pens and stacks of Post-It Notes, GraVoc offered a copy of their most recent white paper about the importance of testing a staff’s social engineering awareness in addition to the strength of their network perimeter and internal settings.  At each show, GraVoc raffled off a Barnes & Noble Nook Color book reader.

GraVoc’s Dan Vassallo had the opportunity to step to the microphone at yesterday’s Bank World expo.  Vassallo spoke briefly about the social engineering whitepaper, the ways malicious outsiders can exploit your staff into revealing information, and how testing and training an organization’s staff is potentially just as important as conducting technical testing.  Audio of the interview is available at the Bank World website, which can be accessed here.

The GraVoc Associates, Inc. information security practice, based in Peabody, MA, has been in the fields of IT assurance, risk management, and audit for much of the company’s 17-year history.  GraVoc also offers services in the practices of media development, information systems, and information technology.  For more information about GraVoc’s suite of business consulting services, please visit

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