Certification season is in full bloom at GraVoc Associates, as Matt Wilkins of the professional services practice is now a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in configuring Windows 7.  Matt passed the exam last Wednesday, affirming his own and his company’s commitment to keeping up to date with technological changes.  As businesses are switching over to Windows 7 faster than any previous operating system, Matt’s efforts toward passing this exam are greatly appreciated.

Ron Smoller, also of the professional services practice, completed June with not one, but two certifications.  He followed up his Microsoft certification mentioned in the most recent blog post with a Double-Take Software sales certification.  This strengthens GraVoc’s partnership with Double-Take, and positions the company to better offer products for customers’ redundancy, disaster recovery, and data migration needs.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based in Peabody, MA, is a technology consulting firm serving Greater Boston, New England, and beyond in the practices of professional services, information systems, media production, and information technology.  The professional services practice specializes in IT support, network infrastructure design and maintenance, and the procurement and selection of the correct tools that will help businesses’ telecommunication and storage processes work more efficiently.  Due to the dedication and competency of GraVoc’s staff, the company is recognized as a Gold Certified Partner by Microsoft. For ore information about GraVoc and the services offered, please visit GraVoc.com.

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