If you are reading this post through Facebook or through your RSS feed, we strongly suggest you go to the new-look GraVoc News Blog available at http://gravoc.blogspot.com.  There, you will be able to more easily navigate the blog, sign up to receive posts via Real Simple Syndication (RSS), and still be one click away from the three GraVoc websites at GraVoc.com, gravocsoftware.com, and divergingsoul.com.  You will also be able to read archived posts by date and by topic.

Obviously, if you are reading this on the blog itself, you can already see this.

In the aftermath of acquiring DivergingSoul Media Production in January, GraVoc has increased their time spent in web design and leveraging “web 2.0” services, including setting up and administering blogs for clients.  GraVoc wanted their own blog to reflect how easy a blog can be to navigate.

GraVoc Associates, Inc., based in Peabody, MA, specializes in the fields of professional services, information systems, and information security.  Among their professional services offered are offer web design, blog maintenance, financial consulting, and network services.  GraVoc’s clients have spanned Greater Boston, New England, and beyond.  For more information about GraVoc, please visit https://www.gravoc.com.

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