Earlier this fall, I gave a short presentation on how the GraVoc News Blog had become a useful marketing tool for our organization because it helped show prospects, customers, and even competitors that GraVoc was a legitimate company with its finger on the pulse of its customers’ interests and concerns.

Shortly after the presentation the GraVoc News Blog had gone radio silent.  This is evidenced by the quantity of blog posts available in our archives for the month of November.  This illustrates that in order for the blog to continue as a useful tool, it requires constant nurturing, time, and attention.  My attention during this time shifted to other matters at hand, and the credibility of the blog suffered.

However, improvement is possible.  I wrote the last three blog posts, including this one, while snowed in earlier this month and unable to travel to work.  There was a limited amount of work I could do at the time, and I used my time effectively by going back and maintaining the blog by putting future posts into the draft section to be published later.  If I can juggle my responsibilities and maintain this space, a member of your organization can do that as well.  Roughly one hour a week is all it takes to turn your opinion or observations into a valuable marketing asset.

GraVoc Associates, Inc., a full-service technology consulting firm located in Peabody, MA, has served Greater Boston, New England, and beyond for over fifteen years in a wide variety of technology-related services, including the fields of information security, information systems, and professional services.  One of the services offered, is consulting on making media such as a blog work for your business’s marketing plan by proving your firm’s expertise and by enhancing your search engine optimization.  For more information, please see https://www.gravoc.com or http://www.divergingsoul.com.

Also, please stay tuned to this blog on Thursday for a major announcement.

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