Late last week, the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) website was re-launched with a new design and enhanced functionality. GraVoc, a member of the Chamber, undertook the project of designing the new website using a layout from Expressive Web Solutions.  Features of this project included:

  • Designing the website’s content.
  • Allowing a visitor to access information provided to PACC by ChamberMaster without losing access to information on PACC’s website.
  • Creating an easy way for Chamber personnel to edit content without changing the entire website.
  • Streamlining the website’s front page with its Twitter feed.
  • Communicating with the web hosting company to bring the new website live and functional on Thursday, June 4th.

Below, you can see the old website on the left contrasted with the new one on the right.

The new is available here.

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