To respond to a high volume of potential customers balking at the up-front investment of an enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft has announced the Business Ready Flexible Pay offer, which enables ERP customers to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system without the daunting up-front costs and to drive a rapid ROI.

The software giant has begun marketing this attractive offer in several publications, and briefed Microsoft partners (including GraVoc) on the details of the plan during a Wednesday afternoon webinar.  More details regarding this offer are available on this Microsoft Dynamics blog.

The highlights of the offer include the following:

  • U.S. firms with capital constraints or firms who want to “wait and see” what will happen in the economy before undertaking a large investment in an ERP project will be able to pay for Microsoft Dynamics ERP licenses, including Dynamics CRM, in three annual installments over the next three years.
  • Companies taking advantage of this payment plan will have more cash ready up-front so that they can keep it aside for financial emergencies or for implementation and customization services.
  • This is NOT a financing offer.  Unlike competitors offering 0% financing for ERP solutions only to certain qualified customers working with certain partners, Microsoft is just offering a different payment plan, more similar to buying a product on an infomercial for “two easy payments of $19.99.”  There is no lending involved, and there is no interest involved.
  • The licenses will be considered temporary licenses with full functionality for the three-year payment period.  They will become perpetual licenses once the payment is complete.
  • The Business Ready Flexible Pay plan is available until December 23, 2009.

The Microsoft representatives presenting at the Wednesday webinar said that there is an overwhelming trend of prospective ERP customers deferring the decision of whether to invest in an ERP solution.  Citing a poor economy, a large number of potential customers industry-wide want to hold on to their capital until finding out what is going to happen with the U.S. and global economy.  While Microsoft is relieved that they are not losing these customers to competing ERP providers, they are willing to soften the blow so that customers will indeed make the decision (and, of course, make it in Microsoft’s favor).

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based near Boston in Peabody, MA, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with several years’ experience outfitting clients in New England and beyond with the most appropriate ERP solutions.  Celebrating 15 years of business, GraVoc recently climbed from the 15th to the 2nd best-selling Microsoft Business Solutions re-seller in New England.  If your business has been considering an enterprise resource planning solution and the Business Ready Flexible Pay option fits well into your financial plans, you are encouraged to visit to learn more information about the GraVoc business or to contact GraVoc at 978-538-9055 to see what the company can do to help your business ultimately save time and money.

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