GraVoc Field Service, the newest product released from GraVoc Software, is a powerful, easy-to-use business process management system built specifically for the service industry.  The entire service process can be managed in one program throughout the lifespan of a service call.  Thanks to this software, clients are wasting less time tracking hours and inventory, increasing customer service capacity with more information readily available, and most importantly, increasing their profitability.

Illustrating their continued desire to maintain GraVoc’s company backbone of service and support for their high-powered solutions, GraVoc’s programmers have worked tirelessly on the latest version of GFS according to the needs of our customers.

GraVoc released GFS 2009 Thursday, introducing the following added capabilities:

  • Call history capabilities, making the entire call history for a customer available within seconds on both the management console and the Windows client.
  • A searchable knowledge base, where GFS 2009 can search the entire database of service calls, including notes and descriptions, for desired criteria.  Users can also narrow their knowledge base search by client or by project.
  • New custom reporting functionality, giving a GFS 2009 user the flexibility to create, store and launch their own custom reports from within the application.
  • Increased Service Calendar capabilities on the management console.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  GFS is now able to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  GFS 2009 can be your service company’s missing link between your accounting or ERP software to your customer relationship management system.

GraVoc is extremely excited with the development of such a powerful and practical product in GFS 2009, and GraVoc’s technicians would be more than willing to schedule a live demonstration of this solution that streamlines a company’s service processes.  More details about how GFS can streamline a service company’s processes are available here on the new GraVoc Software website, and a story about how GFS has revolutionized GraVoc’s internal service operation is available here.

GraVoc Associates, Inc. is a full-service consulting firm located just outside of Boston in Peabody, MA, and is celebrating fifteen years of providing innovative solutions to clients.  Unlike most software companies, GraVoc’s business is centered not around distribution of software, but by providing the services that turn this software into a solution.  GraVoc’s Microsoft Gold Certified professionals have experience implementing internally-developed solutions as well as Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.  For more information regarding GraVoc or GFS 2009, please visit the new and, or call the GraVoc offices at 978-538-9055.

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