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Implementing a successful software solution requires a comprehensive understanding of your company’s business process and its operations. GraVoc’s proven methodology starts with a detailed analysis which then leads to the design, development and implementation of solutions that are specific and unique to your needs. Our process the following.

Our Process Includes:

Functional Analysis

Traditionally the first step in the process of selecting the appropriate software application to support your business need is to undergo a structured Business Process Workflow analysis session. This consists of a full review of your current operations, supporting business processes, and future requirements as it relates to the specific problem you are trying to solve. This is combined with a technical assessment of the hardware and software systems currently in use. In this way we’ll avoid making recommendations that overlap with tools you already have or make changes to systems that would hinder any future functional needs from a systems or operational standpoint.

Software Selection

Selecting the correct software analysis for your business can be time consuming and sometimes a confusing process that many companies go through alone. Often these companies have limited experience evaluating and selecting the type of integrated software applications that will drive efficient business processes and enhance performance. The successful outcome a software implementation, especially Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management software, is enormously important to the future growth of many businesses and is dependent on a well-run analysis and selection.

Project Management

The successful execution of any software development and implementation project includes quality project management. GraVoc can manage all relevant and available facts concerning scope, resources, timing, and expectations in a jointly developed comprehensive work plan. Throughout the course of the project, an issues and risk log is maintained, progress is monitored, status memos are prepared, and status meetings are conducted to enable the sharing and collaboration of all project documentation.

Data Conversion

Data is the lifeblood of your business and either drives or supports your business decisions at every level of your operations. We understand that the information your organization has gathered on your customers, vendors, products, services, and competitors is extremely valuable. One of the primary concerns organizations have when migrating from one business application to another is what happens to their data. Partnering with GraVoc assures that your data in most cases can be successfully migrated from your legacy software applications and data sources to your new business management software applications. Whether you’re moving from Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SQL databases, or even Web-based point solutions, GraVoc can help export, scrub, map, and import your data correctly.


Our personnel will ensure that the procedures and controls developed during the System Implementation are finalized. For larger projects we will provide a training plan and develop high-level functional training materials. We recommend and provide full end-user training and can also support a Train-the-Trainer approach whereby we will train a single person or core group of your company’s employees who will then continue the training to the remaining users throughout your organization.

Ongoing Support

On the first day your new software goes live users begin using the application for the first time to perform their daily processes in a live environment. This can be a stressful day and if something goes wrong or a transactional process is forgotten, GraVoc can provide on-site support for your user community. In addition GraVoc can, upon request, monitor and evaluate the use of your new software and overall performance of the system. The objective being to ensure that the system is fully operational and provides required functionality and management information to your organization in the long term.

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