Wicked Running Club was looking to redesign their website to give their members a better online experience. One of the goals in redesigning their site was the need for more interaction between the members and the site. Rather than just have a static website with text and images, members of Wicked Running Club can interact with features on the website such as ‘event calendars’ and ‘photo galleries’.  Another goal was to streamline all of their social media connections into one place to connect their community.


Event Calendar

Wicked Running Club hosts weekly running events every month. To accommodate these events,  we implemented a dynamic calendar to Wicked Running Club’s website which houses all of their upcoming and past events. Members can search for specific events in the search bar and filter events by ‘Group Runs’, ‘Social Events’ and ‘WRC Annual Races’. Users can choose how they view the events by ‘Month’, ‘List’ or ‘Day’.

We also implemented an interactive component to the event calendar. Members of Wicked Running Club can hover over any event on the calendar and a pop-up box will appear. This pop-up box contains all the information for that specific event that the member may need. This is a great way to give members all the information regarding that event in a consolidated way.


Social Media Integration

Social media plays a major role in businesses, especially for clubs and groups. These outlets help organizations deliver their message to different channels and keeps their followers informed. We integrated all of Wicked Running Club’s social media accounts to their website. On the homepage, you will notice three live social media feeds. Wicked Running Club’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account are all being fed to their website in one location. Once something is posted to any of their social media accounts, it will get automatically get pushed to the website.

Become A Member

We built Wicked Running Club a membership sign up form for new and existing members. Members can renew a current membership or new members can signup through the form. Along with the online signup form, we also gave the option for members to download a PDF application and manually submit it.


Wicked Running Club’s new website is completely responsive with any browser and any device.  Whether you are viewing their website on a iPhone, Android, iPad etc, Wicked Running Club’s website will respond. Having a responsive website not only benefits visitors of the website, but it also helps with your search engine rankings. In 2015, Google changed their search algorithm to include mobile. Click here to see what this means and why your website should be mobile friendly.