TKO BoxFit is a brand new gym located in Weymouth, MA. We were contacted by TKO BoxFit to give their new business an online presence. They were looking for a modern design that was also interactive for their visitors. Along with design, we implemented a dynamic pricing chart for boxing specials as well as an interactive schedule of classes.


Interactive Class Schedule

We implemented a filerable class schedule for TKO’s website. User’s are able to filter the schedule depending on which class they are interested in. Users can also hover over a class on the schedule and a box will appear with class details and information.


TKO’s pricing chart is dynamic as well. TKO can update their pricing table in the click of a button. At the top of the pricing page, we included a box where staff members can include discounts and coupons.


TKO wanted a modern and interactive website with an emphasis on large imagery. To accommodate for this we included large images of their gym along with a textured movable background. The color scheme of TKO is based on their logo which is red and black, with red acting as our accent color.

TKO’s new website is completely responsive with any browser and any device.  Whether you are viewing their website on an iPhone, Android, iPad etc, TKO’s website will respond. Click here to see why your website should be mobile friendly.



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