Established in 1888 as a manufacturer and supplier of rivet and spot setting machines, The Standard Rivet Company has become the supplier to numerous areas of American industry and foreign markets. GraVoc was contacted by The Standard Rivet Company to completely redesign their website along with their eCommerce store.


Bulk Discount Pricing

If you shop on, you’ll notice that the prices are different than you are normally used to. This is because Standard Rivet offers discounts based on quantity of the product. We built Standard Rivet a custom pricing system that will fit their unqiue business needs.


Cross Sell and Up Sell Options

Standard Rivet’s new website has the option to cross sell or up sell with any product on their website. The cross selling option is a great feature for letting customers see what other products Standard Rivet has to offer while browsing their own products. The up selling option ensures to customers that they have everything they need to use that product to the best of its ability.


Real-time Product Display

Standard Rivet has hundreds of different rivet and spot varaitions. Certain rivets come in certain colors and sizes. To give customers a true picture of what they were purchasing we implemented a real-time product display depending on the product the customer chooses.



Mobile and Tablets

Standard Rivet’s new website responds to any screen that it is being viewed on. This includes all iPhones, iPads and tablets.

Custom CSS

We have added custom CSS classes to the Standard Rivet’s website in order to create a smooth transformation from website to tablet or cell phone.

Why Go Responsive?

Find out why having a responsive website is crucial for your search engine rankings: Responsive Websites


We built Standard Rivet a customized Microsoft Dynamics GP integration that syncs products, stock counts, and orders between the two systems. Hourly sync sends orders from the website to GP for accounting and stock management. GP sends accurate stock counts and product edits to the website so that inventory stays in sync. This automation greatly decreases the amount of manual order and product management tasks needed from the Standard Rivet team.