Equitable Bank has merged with Weymouth Bank to create one company and was looking to reflect this merge onto their website. One of the goals in creating Equitable Bank’s new website was to create a stronger institution for their new customers as well as their existing customers. To do this, we created a new online presence through their website complete with all the necessary compliance and banking functionality.


Equitable Bank’s new website is completely ADA compliant. Starting in 2018, the Department of Justice will be initiating official compliance guidelines concerning online accessibility for the visually disabled as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If not followed, financial institutions will find themselves having to pay fines and other legal actions.

The primary purpose of the compliance guidelines is to make websites perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust to all users.  By eradicating detected “Errors” and “Warnings” we increased overall usability in each of these four categories to all users on the Equitable Bank website.

Investment Rates Example

Saving & Checking Account Rates
AccountsAnnual Percentage
Interest RateMinimum Balance
Statement Savings0.05%0.05%$10.00
Elite Checking0.05%0.05%$10.00
Premier Checking0.05%0.05%$10.00



We implemented several tables for deposit, checking, savings, IRA and other rates on Equitable Bank’s website. These tables display the current rates offered at Equitable Bank and is easily managed through the back-end.


Alert Center

We implemented an emergency alert notification center for whenever Equitable Bank needs to push out an emergency notice. This notice will automatically get published to the homepage of the website under a heading called ‘Alert Center’.


Customizable Homepage

We implemented special features onto Equitable Bank’s new website. One of these features is a customizable homepage. Equitable Bank held a contest where users submitted their own photos of the New England area to be used on the homepage of Equitable’s website. They chose 10 submitted images to be used as an option where user’s of the website can pick and choose which image they would like to display when they visit their website.

Mega Menu

Another special feature that we implemented was a mega menu. When visiting Equitable’s website you’ll notice the navigation bar is larger than most when expanded. Each parent navigation page contains sub-menus within them. These sub-menus give the user a full glance of all of the pages in that section without having to click back and forth.