Commercial Record is a financial and real estate publication for Connecticut. They offer a multimedia package of vital real estate and business news for all of Connecticut. Readers get their content for The Commercial Record as a monthly magazine, as well as weekly real estate record PDFs, Daily E-News services, and now through a high-powered website. GraVoc was brought in for development and design for their new website. We built Commercial Record a responsive and visually appealing website that accommodates their thousands of article archives, holds their digital editions, and incorporates advertising.


Subscription Based

GraVoc integrated into their subscription service for customer account management and content protection. We also developed a custom interface for their weekly real estate and credit records that dynamically displays information based on user interaction.



Along with integrating into their subscription service for customer account management and content protection, GraVoc also integrated advertisements onto Commercial Record’s website.

WordPress Platform

Streamlined Content

Commercial Record was built on a WordPress platform, providing a streamlined backend system for their multiple authors to write, publish, and manage their articles.

Responsive Framework

Commercial Record’s new website will respond to any device or screen that it is being viewed on. Whether it be an iPhone or an Android, Safari or Chrome, will automatically format itself to fit that device or screen.