WEBSITE DESIGN & ONLINE STORE was created by and for our company GraVoc. We are a certified Microsoft Dynamics Reseller located in Massachusetts with over a 22 year history of providing top quality Microsoft software implementation, customization, and development services to organizations throughout the United States and Europe. Our goal in creating was to give Microsoft Dynamics users the option to order their software online, hassle free.



API Integration

We use a range of APIs to help make the websites we build more dynamic and feature-rich. features an integration between Stripe and WooCommerce.


GraVoc followed the Microsoft Dynamics color palette when creating We used Orange for our main color and used Microsoft’s Yellow, Green, and Blue as our secondary colors.

Coupon Code's & Account Login allows the option to create an account and for returning customers to login. It was also built with the ability to add in coupon codes for sales and marketing.

RESPONSIVE FRAMEWORK responds to any screen that it is being viewed on. This includes all iPhones, iPads and tablets. will also respond to any browser.

Find out why having a responsive website is crucial for your search engine rankings: Responsive Websites



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