Video marketing is all the rage. Just ask the over 90% of businesses that use video as a marketing tool. Video consumption has soared with the rise of smartphones, popular social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, and since the global pandemic.

Creating videos is one of the best ways to generate brand awareness, boost SEO and conversions, and build engagement. But, getting started with video marketing can be overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with the territory. So, to make things easier, in this blog post, we are sharing a list of 10 types of videos that every business can create to elevate their marketing.

10 types of videos you can make for your business:


Demo video

Creating product or service demo videos is a great way to showcase the features and benefits of your solution. These videos can be especially beneficial to engage customers who are in the awareness or consideration phase of the buyer’s journey and are looking to better understand what you offer before making a decision.

At GraVoc, we create annual demo reels to highlight some of our best drone photography and videography work. Check out one of our demo videos below!

These product or service demo videos can be shared on your website to enhance SEO. You can even have your salespeople send these demos to prospects to start a conversation.


Explainer video

Use explainer videos to offer a high-level overview of any complex business challenge or customer problem. At the end of the explainer video, you can weave in the benefits of your solution or include a call-to-action message so customers can reach out for further assistance.

Animated explainer videos are especially helpful to simplify complex topics and make them easier to digest.

For instance, one of our most popular videos is an animated video that explains the meaning of social engineering in simple terms. The video is a great value-add asset on our website and YouTube channel, bringing in more engagement and awareness of our information security services.


Educational/ How-to video

These types of videos include tutorials that show your viewers how to do something. How-to videos are an extremely popular type of video for a reason. Think about it – we so often search for videos that answer a question or show us how to get something done. Along with helping your customer, these videos also give you an opportunity to show off your business and industry expertise.

Besides how-to videos, you can also create other educational videos that offer tips and tricks to get something done, training videos, and other informative videos.

At GraVoc, we have seen a lot of engagement with our educational, how-to videos. Check out two examples we created below:


Company video

Tell your brand story through company overview videos. In these types of videos, you can talk about your business’ mission, history, culture, services, and products. Company videos are great for building brand awareness because they show customers who you are and what you offer. These videos also help build a deeper connection with your audience by giving them insight into other aspects of your business, such as your employees, workplace culture, and origin story.

Company videos can also include employee spotlight videos or other behind-the-scenes videos during projects to showcase your team and the work they do. Besides marketing, these videos can also be a promotional tool for recruiting new talent. Below is a company video we created for a client as well as one that features our own team.


Thought leadership video

Thought leadership videos help establish your business as an expert on a particular topic. Have your subject matter experts share their knowledge or point of view to educate and engage customers. These types of videos let your expertise shine and show customers that your business is backed by a skilled team.

Below is an example of a thought leadership video we created with our Director of Software Solutions, David Laster. In the video, David leverages his years of expertise as an ERP specialist to explain the benefits of migrating from a legacy accounting software to the cloud.


Event recap & teaser videos

Whether you’re hosting a small event, conference, or fundraiser, a short event promo or teaser video can generate buzz and excitement around your event. An event teaser video should give viewers insight into what to expect at the event and why they shouldn’t miss out.

Below is an example of a teaser video we created to promote the Matt Light Celebrity Shoot-Out, hosted by the Light Foundation.

Similarly, creating an event recap video is a great way to continue promoting the event, generate visibility for your brand, and hopefully build future attendance for the event. The short recap video can be shared on your website and social media to give viewers an overview of everything that happened at the event and why it was important.

Below is an event recap video of GraVoc’s Snow Networking event.


Impact video

An impact video is especially beneficial for non-profits. But, any business can create such videos to showcase community involvement and charitable giving outside the workplace. For non-profits, an impact video is an important digital asset to show donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders the value of their support.

It allows you to build an emotional connection with viewers by putting your mission and the people you serve front and center. Similarly, hospitals or academic institutions can also leverage impact videos to attract donations and support for scholarships, healthcare initiatives, and other programs.

Check out the video below that our video producers created for Montserrat College of Art to drive home the impact of their scholarship program.


Customer testimonial video

Nobody is a better brand ambassador for your business than your own customer. Today, as evidenced by the growth of influencer marketing, people trust recommendations that come from their peers. A customer testimonial video provides validation of your business’ expertise.

Let your customer take centerstage in the video and talk about how your product or service helped them solve a business challenge and why they enjoyed working with your team.


Short-form video for social media

Posting videos on social media is a great way to expand the reach of your content and engage new audiences. Next time you create a video for your website or blog post, see if you can reformat the video for social media. This way, you open more channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., for customers to find you.

Every social media platform has different guidelines, so make sure to check the requirements for length and other elements before creating a new video.

As the second most visited website in the world, YouTube is one of the best social platforms to leverage for video marketing. Check out our blog post, ‘How to Promote Your Business on YouTube’ to learn more.


Live stream video & webinar

If you’re hosting any type of event or fundraiser, livestreaming lets you open the door to a larger audience. But, apart from events, a live stream video can also be used to announce a new product or service, host interactive Q&A discussions, give customers a sneak peek into product development or a project behind-the-scenes, conduct a giveaway, and much more. These live streams can boost your brand’s visibility and facilitate more audience engagement.

Platforms like Facebook Live, Vimeo, and Instagram are popular choices for distributing live streams.

Similarly, you can also host webinars to showcase a product or engage viewers with educational content that also speaks to your expertise. You can also edit your webinar recording to create shorter, professional videos to further promote your business on your website and social media.

Below is a webinar we hosted on the ‘Hidden Features of Microsoft Teams.’

want to get started with video marketing?

GraVoc has a talented video production team and a state-of-the-art studio to help your business create different types of videos that help promote your business and enhance engagement! Check out our video production page to see our work or contact us today to get started!

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