Illinois Clean Fuels is developing recycling and synthetic fuel plants that convert municipal garbage into ultra-clean jet fuel. The company’s website had good content, but it lacked the visuals to better communicate their story and create an engaging user experience. So, Illinois Clean Fuels approached GraVoc for a website redesign.


GraVoc’s web design team used WordPress to build a fully responsive and visually appealing website for Illinois Clean Fuels, complete with vibrant images and informational graphics. The visuals complement the website content that is delivered through a more dynamic design. Our team also created aviation-themed website patterns and other visual elements to hone in on the company’s sustainable jet fuel solution.
The homepage provides a detailed overview of Illinois Clean Fuels. As site visitors scroll through the page, they can check out the company’s solutions, browse facts and figures on what their technology can do, and learn more about their process flow.
Site visitors can find deeper content on the company’s municipal solid waste solutions and sustainable aviation fuel through engaging individual webpages. These pages offer an in-depth look at each solution and how it works. Information on each page is delivered through neatly organized content blocks and detailed infographics.
Illinois Clean Fuels’ better-than-net-zero processes are driven by a team of senior industry leaders, engineers, process technology innovators, and operations specialists. To showcase their expertise, we designed an ‘Our Team’ webpage that includes a headshot and detailed bio of each member. This webpage further adds to the company’s credibility and builds customer trust in their solutions.

Along with reimagining the website design, our team also assisted with other digital marketing efforts, including revamping the company logo. For the logo font, we used a rounded geometric sans-serif type that we carried throughout the website for consistency. We also added imagery to hone in on the company’s sustainable jet fuel solution. The new Illinois Clean Fuels logo is not only clean and simple, but provides a much better visual representation of the company’s work and environmental impact.


Old Logo


Redesigned Logo

We are thrilled with the final look and feel of the new Illinois Clean Fuels website. The clean menu makes it easy for site visitors to find information on the company’s environment-friendly waste management solution and aviation fuel. The detailed content is balanced with easy-to-follow infographics, making the website much more engaging for prospective customers. And, the user-friendly contact form supports lead generation.

Our team looks forward to working with Illinois Clean Fuels on future creative projects!

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