An integrated, scalable tech stack is the foundation for staffing companies’ digital transformation. Having a siloed accounting platform and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) forces staffing professionals to engage in time-consuming manual data transfer.

As an ERP technology specialist for the staffing industry, we have worked with multiple clients to integrate their disconnected ERP and ATS for enhanced efficiency and automation.

To deliver simplified, push-button integration, our team has designed connectors that sync Bullhorn One with popular Microsoft ERP systems – Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our connectors provide real-time synchronization between the Bullhorn ATS and ERP. We partner with Bullhorn and other systems integrators, including Sixcel, Newbury, and 1218, to provide our automated Bullhorn One Connectors across the spectrum of staffing specialties.


At a Glance: Bullhorn One Connectors for Dynamics GP & Dynamics 365 Business Central.  


Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP’s rich functionality and highly customizable options enabled us to build a solid integration from Bullhorn One for Sales Order Processing and Receivables Management, as well as Payables for 1099 candidates, and US Payroll for W2 candidates. Our bi-directional sync with the ATS can provide status and balance updates on transactions that bring the integration completely full circle.


Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s newest and wildly popular SAAS ERP solution opens new horizons for financial reporting, accessibility, and integration and is a clear choice for those growing staffing firms migrating away from QuickBooks.

Our Bullhorn One Connector is an extension for Business Central that looks and feels exactly like the Business Central application. It can be configured to efficiently handle the synchronization of customers and sales invoices/credit memos, 1099 candidates, and payable charges.

GraVoc Connectors for Bullhorn One

Loaded with features & functions, here’s what our Bullhorn One Connectors can do:


Customer and Vendor Sync

Our Bullhorn One Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP automatically keep your ERP system current. Each time the Connector runs, it always checks the Bullhorn ATS for both NEW and MODIFIED Customers and Vendors and makes the appropriate change or update in your Microsoft ERP.


Accounts Receivable Sync

Both of our Connectors offer full synchronization with the Accounts Receivable native object in Bullhorn One.

Having visibility into the payment status of a Sales Invoice in Bullhorn One is a great feature that we built into our automated process.

The concept is simple yet powerful; customer payments from your Microsoft ERP/Back Office system are updated on the Invoice Statement Accounts Receivable object in Bullhorn One. Once posted, the Invoices page view displays the invoice payment status, the amount paid, and the amount remaining. If the invoice is partially paid, that is indicated accordingly.


GP Employee and Payroll Sync

We have designed a version of our Connector for Dynamics GP to integrate Candidates and collect the Payable Charges from Bullhorn One and format into payroll batches seamlessly.

Why use flat files? Our timesheet sync handles all kinds of scenarios and rejects any that are incomplete or breaks the business rules inside GP.


1099 Candidate/Provider Transactions

Our Bullhorn One Connectors are flexible, feature-rich, and reliable. They fully and automatically integrate and set up vital records and configurations so you can process payments and produce year-end tax forms for non-employee candidates. This is especially popular in the healthcare industry, but it can happen in many other staffing environments as well.

1099 Reporting

Nobody wants an upset vendor from producing an incorrect tax form, so our Bullhorn One Connectors leverage the native tax setup on the Earn Code in Bullhorn to properly categorize earned pay separate from reimbursements to keep the reporting buckets straight!


Payroll Burden by Placement vs Candidate

The Bullhorn ATS does a great job at tracking Payable Charges, but once those are turned into a paycheck, the inevitable employer-borne tax-matching requirement and benefits add to the cost of goods sold. Our dual methods of calculating and allocating these costs enable you to choose which is best for you, by Placement or by Candidate.

The Placement burden method splits the burden proportionally across all placements worked on within a pay period, while the Candidate burden method calculates the additional costs for every employee. These amounts are posted back into the Bullhorn One ATS so that gross margin and other profitability reporting can occur using its onboard reporting tools.



Our Bullhorn One Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 and Dynamics GP was built for enabling bi-directional updates. When our integration runs, it actively evaluates business logic and requirements of the destination ERP and updates the ATS Record status with ‘Export Success’ or ‘Export Failed,’ which helps ensure every transaction is handled properly and thoroughly during the transfer.

If one record fails, the rest of the batch will succeed, making the process take less time and provide a high degree of accuracy. However long after the initial record integration, our Connector provides payment status updates as well for both Customer and Candidate/Providers, helping provide real-time, transparent access to relevant data.


Gross Profit Reporting

With the Bullhorn One Connector, we are helping Staffing firms create insights leveraging Financial Dimensions in Business Central.

If you use QuickBooks, think about how you use the ONE “Class” option available right now.

In comparison, Business Central allows for up to 8 different Dimensions in the General Ledger on every debit or credit, which opens the floodgates on what we can do for you company’s ERP integrations.

The 10 most common financial analytics we are helping customers in the Staffing industry integrate to Business Central are:

  • By Branch
  • By Placement
  • By Department
  • By Industry
  • By Location
  • By Customer
  • By Product
  • By Company
  • By Billing Period
  • By Salesperson

Receivables & Collections

Our Bullhorn One Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central facilitate automatic customer synchronization and accurate transfer of rich invoice detail relied upon by your collections team. The native ERP Customer Statements, Reminders, and Finance Charges together with our expertise producing Aging and Collections reports and Power BI analytics for GP and BC users helps your company track and reduce DSO.


Multi-Company & Multi-Entity

Our Bullhorn One Connectors can facilitate the integration from one Bullhorn environment to more than one ERP company for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central. This helps the accounting team – from the CFO on down to the Receivables team – efficiently automate the integration of Receivables Invoices and related General Ledger distributions into the legal entity to which they belong for collections, application, and bank reconciliation.


General Ledger

GraVoc’s Bullhorn One Connector was designed to connect to any number of options and combinations and subsequently pull together the correct General Ledger distributions for each segment (GP) or Dimension (Business Central) needed for your Microsoft ERP. This allows you to set up your new Bullhorn ATS in a way that can reliably sync transactions to your specific chart of accounts or dimension makeup.


Open AR

Our Bullhorn One Connector for Dynamics GP’s new feature collects and pushes just enough information about new receivables activity from GP, such as when either partial or full payments are applied, to a single place on the Customer record in Bullhorn One, making it easy to see inside of the ATS what the ‘current Open AR’ looks like in the ERP system. The updates can either be manually pushed over, or scheduled to run on whatever frequency suits your needs.

Get a live demo of our Bullhorn One Connectors at Engage Boston 2023!

Our team will be at Bullhorn Engage Boston 2023 from May 31 to June 1 to showcase our Connectors for Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you are attending the event, don’t forget to stop by GraVoc Booth 28 to chat with our team and see how our Bullhorn One Connectors can help you solve your back-office / ERP integration challenges!

Click below to learn more about our Bullhorn One Connectors or to register for Engage Boston!

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