Going the Distance – launched by Fernando Braz – is a series of coaching programs for runners and athletes. The company approached our web development team to redesign its outdated and text-heavy website to deliver a more engaging user experience. Our goal was to declutter the website and present the company’s program information through a more browsable and visually appealing design. Our team built the website on WordPress CMS to ensure fast and frictionless performance. The website is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

To start, we redesigned the homepage to facilitate deeper engagement with the website’s content. The homepage gives site visitors a quick overview of the company’s personal coaching, cross-country edge, and all-sports edge programs. ‘Learn More’ call-to-action buttons encourage users to further explore the program webpages for more information. Our team also added a contact form to the footer of the website, making it easy for site visitors to reach out to the company with questions or comments.
The company’s old website had good content on each program and allowed for options to register and pay online. But the user experience was not intuitive, with program information, registration forms, and payment options scattered in different areas of the website.

To enhance the UI/UX, our team developed dedicated program webpages with a more modern and usable design. Our team kept the layout for each program webpage simple and easy to navigate. Every program webpage includes FAQs housed in expandable content blocks and custom registration forms that site visitors can use to sign up and pay for a program. With the new design, users enjoy a more frictionless browsing experience. Through each individual webpage, they can seamlessly find content on a program, register, and make a payment without having to navigate to multiple webpages.

In addition to the program webpages, our team also designed an ‘About’ page, offering an in-depth look at Coach Braz’s experience and philosophy. This webpage further helps build trustworthiness and establish the company’s credibility.

Our team is thrilled with the professional look and feel of the redesigned Going the Distance website! The new website does a much better job of showcasing the company’s programs and providing an intuitive user experience. Using custom WordPress CMS modules that we implemented for them, the Going the Distance team can now update the website on their own. Today, we continue to support the company with our cloud-based WordPress Hosting Plan. Our team looks forward to working with Going the Distance on future creative projects!

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