Founded in 1979, Antenna Associates is a leader in designing and manufacturing military antennas and antenna systems. The company approached GraVoc’s team about a website redesign to deliver an enhanced user experience, allowing for better exploration of its product and service catalog. Our team used WordPress to build a custom, fully responsive website for the company. The new Antenna Associates website’s elevated content areas and strategic calls-to-action enable deeper engagement with the company’s products and services.

For the website design, our team used warm blues that align with the company’s branding. Deep orange accents immediately draw site visitors’ attention to call-to-action buttons, encouraging users to browse the product webpages.

On the website’s visually engaging homepage, site visitors can learn more about Antenna Associates through a company overview, new product releases, announcements, as well as explore its corporate and military clients across multiple countries.

Through an engaging mix of deep content and dynamic photos, the website’s ‘Services’ section showcases the full scope of the company’s antenna design, engineering, system testing, and system overhaul services. Every service webpage ends with a call-to-action for site visitors, facilitating opportunities for further engagement and lead generation.
Our team also designed product webpages that house in-depth information on Antenna Associates new and existing offerings. The content on these webpages is creatively delivered through downloadable data sheets, videos, expandable blocks, and data tables – making it easy for site visitors to browse and digest product information. Like the service webpages, the product pages also include calls-to-action, encouraging site visitors to get in touch with Antenna Associates and start a conversation.
Besides product and service webpages, our team also developed an ‘About’ section that provides an overview of the company’s services, experience, customer list, and certifications. This section helps build customer trust in the brand by showcasing Antenna Associates’ expertise and knowledge. The ‘About’ also features a webpage with information and authentic imagery of the company’s manufacturing facility.
Our team is thrilled with the new, visually appealing look and feel of the Antenna Associates website! The website is a great showcase of the company’s products, services, and expertise. Through a responsive and mobile-friendly design, the website delivers a frictionless and engaging user experience across devices. We look forward to working with Antenna Associates on future creative projects!

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