GraVoc’s web team designed a visually engaging and responsive website for property management company, Alignment. The company needed a new website to build brand awareness and lead generation. Using WordPress, our team designed clean and spacious webpages, with lots of room for vibrant property photos and detailed content. A clear menu further enables site visitors to seamlessly explore the company’s portfolio and contact information, providing a lot of scope for engagement and conversions.

Our team chose a dark color palette to create a contrast that allows the website’s vivid photos, creative graphic elements, and white text to stand out. Overall, the website has an elegant and professional look and feel. The custom WordPress website is also responsive and mobile-friendly, delivering a frictionless user experience across devices.


As soon as site visitors land on the homepage, they interact with a sliding image banner that showcases big, gorgeous photos of properties managed by Alignment. Our team added calls-to-action across the homepage, encouraging site visitors to engage with the website’s content and learn more about the company.

To give site visitors a deeper overview of Alignment, our team designed the dynamic ‘About’ webpage. The page features detailed content on Alignment’s innovative, personalized property management services and solutions, followed by a custom contact form so site visitors can directly get in touch with the company to talk business.

Our team also designed a visual and eye-catching ‘Portfolio’ webpage to showcase the buildings managed by Alignment.

Our team is thrilled with the new, visually appealing Alignment website! Clear navigation paths ensure site visitors can seamlessly browse the website and check out the company’s portfolio. Residents, rental owners, and others can also quickly access the company’s property management portal through the website.

Overall, the website is a great showcase of Alignment’s expertise and services. We also set up custom, user-friendly WordPress CMS modules so the Alignment team can keep the content up to date. Today, we continue to support the company through WordPress hosting services. We look forward to working with Alignment on future creative projects!

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