December 15, 2022




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Streamline Your Reporting with ActivReporter

GraVoc will host a webinar on Excel-based Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP on Thursday, December 15, at 2 PM EST. The webinar will include a demonstration of ActivReporter – a financial report writing software that has been specifically developed over the last 10+ years to produce GP Financial Reports. The software provides the capability of creating Dynamics GP Financial Reports in Excel by utilizing standard Excel functions and commands.

ActivReporter allows users to drill down on any amount shown on an ActivReporter Excel financial report to the journal entries and supporting detail that makes up the amount displayed. Users can drill back from ActivReporter to the originating transaction in Dynamics GP by automatically displaying the Dynamics GP window where the GL journal entry was initially entered.

Directly assign rollups on the account or segment of the account, similar to GP’s account categories. Unlike GP’s categories, ActivReporter lets you create and assign multiple rollups to accounts or account segments. This alternative to rules-based assignments, like rollups in ActivReporter or row definitions in Management Reporter, provides a straightforward way to build your financials.

With the ability to develop and distribute Excel-based financial reports for any number of Dynamics GP companies and their budgets in a standard Excel row-column combination, ActivReporter can save time for your organization.

See what clients are saying about ActivReporter

“ActivReporter has worked extremely well for our accounting team. It’s seamlessly interfaced with Excel and our accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics GP. ActivReporter allows us to easily set up financials in the Excel environment, drill down on any revenue or expense amount, and instantly see the detail behind those numbers that reside in GP.  All ActivReporter reports can be exported to Excel with a few clicks. There’s a learning curve on the front end, like any other system, but once you have a basic understanding, it’s very intuitive. I would highly recommend it.”

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Join our webinar on Thursday, December 15 at 2 PM EST to learn more about the capabilities of ActivReporter, including:
How to replace Management Reporter financials with Excel and ActivReporter
How to drill down from an Excel financial workbook to underlying transactions and drill back to the originating transactions in Dynamics GP
How to migrate from Management Reporter to ActivReporter
How to use ActivReporter’s “updates-in-real-time” trial balance to do account research and audit your GL postings
How to build multiple financial statements in a single workbook instead of one at a time, as in Management Reporter

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