Our team worked on a website redesign for Treadwell’s – a staple in the North Shore, MA community that has been serving world-famous ice cream since 1946. The company’s previous website design did not deliver a seamless user experience for their customers or truly convey their rich history and brand. Using WordPress, our team completely revamped and modernized the company’s website. The new Treadwell’s website is more visual, playful, and mobile-friendly, providing site visitors with an engaging and streamlined browsing experience.

Our team wanted the website design to radiate the joy that comes with eating ice cream. To accomplish this, we used the brand’s pink and purple color palette along with vibrant photography centered around their ice cream to deliver an engaging visual experience for site visitors. We also designed fun patterns and textures to add a dash of playfulness to the website.

The website’s homepage design is clean and visually appealing, allowing users to explore Treadwell’s brand story, menu, and photo gallery. Every webpage also features customer testimonials to further demonstrate the brand’s credibility.

To showcase Treadwell’s rich history and passion for giving back to the community, our team designed the vibrant ‘About’ and ‘Here’s the Scoop’ sections. The ‘About’ section further features a photo gallery with gorgeous images of the company’s high-quality ice cream.

Besides providing site visitors with an informational overview of the company, another key goal of the website redesign was attracting new business. So, our team focused on building streamlined content areas and logical navigation to support the customer journey on the website.

New and repeat customers can browse through the company’s selection of ice cream flavors on the ‘Menu’ webpage. The menu is displayed in a user-friendly and browsable layout with mouthwatering ice cream photography. Customers can also filter the menu by category to quickly find what they’re looking for – from ice cream flavors to slush and drinks.

Our team also implemented a user-friendly online ordering system so customers can easily place a pick-up order without navigating away from the website.

Along with adding online ordering functionality to the website, we also created an ‘Ice Cream Parties’ webpage that includes an easy-to-use contact form, allowing customers to connect with the company on menu options and pricing to plan ice cream treats for their personal or corporate events.

We are thrilled with the new design of the Treadwell’s website. The website is visually engaging, easy to navigate, and really makes you crave Treadwell’s ice cream! Using custom WordPress CMS modules, the Treadwell’s team can also easily update and manage the new website on their own and when they need to. Today, our team continues to provide Treadwell’s with web support through our comprehensive WordPress Maintenance Plan. We look forward to a long and creative partnership with Treadwell’s!

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