Vasiles Plumbing & Heating is a locally owned company that provides residential and commercial plumbing, heating, and cooling services throughout the North Shore of Boston. They reached out to our team to assist with redesigning their website to enhance the aesthetic, user experience, and search visibility of their services. The new website looks professional, modern, and effectively showcases the company’s services through an engaging and user-friendly design.


The new Vasiles Plumbing & Heating website is fast, responsive, and mobile friendly – delivering high-quality web performance to site visitors across devices and browsers. A streamlined navigation menu ensures prospective customers can easily browse the website and find more information on their desired service. Our team also set up custom, user-friendly WordPress CMS modules for Vasiles Plumbing & Heating. Using this CMS, the company’s staff can seamlessly manage and update the new website on their own.

A few key goals of the website redesign were to communicate a more modern brand image for Vasiles Plumbing & Heating and promote the company’s services to support overall lead generation. With this in mind, our team focused on improving the website’s content areas and design to really hone in on the company’s plumbing, heating, and cooling services and portfolio of work.

As soon as prospective customers land on the website, they get a complete overview of Vasiles Plumbing & Heating, including their services, current specials, and work. The homepage includes a sliding image banner and strategic call-to-action buttons to encourage users to browse content and engage with the website.

Our team designed dedicated webpages for each of the company’s plumbing, heating, and cooling services. Every service webpage is well designed with a minimalistic layout that houses informational content to engage customers and drive conversions.

On the ‘Plumbing Services’ page, for instance, prospective customers can browse the company’s many plumbing services, find answers to common plumbing questions, and check the do’s and don’ts of garbage disposal etiquette. To demonstrate Vasiles Plumbing & Heating’s expertise and credibility, our team also added an eye-catching logo display of some of the company’s trusted partners and manufacturers. We also set up a custom contact form on this page so prospective customers can quickly request an estimate for plumbing services.

Similarly, the heating and cooling service pages feature authentic photography and intuitive content to give site visitors a complete overview of the company’s capabilities. Our team also created the visually engaging ‘Our Work’ webpage, where site visitors can browse a photo gallery that showcases a few of the company’s key projects.

To further support site visitors looking to book a service, our team developed a ‘Resources’ hub with easy access to specials and deals, information on rebates, and water filtration systems. We also designed a contact page so site visitors can directly reach out to the company through the website.

In addition to the service webpages, our team also designed an ‘About Us’ section to give site visitors a deeper look into the company’s commitment to high-quality customer service, their expertise as well as their service areas. A key feature of this section is the ‘Testimonials’ webpage. This page features client testimonials – organized using eye-catching quote blocks – that position Vasiles Plumbing & Heating as a reliable and trustworthy business.

Our team is thrilled with the clean and modern aesthetic of the new Vasiles Plumbing & Heating website! Through improved content areas, calls-to-action, and navigation, prospective customers can easily engage with the website and find relevant content or conversion paths. Besides web development, our team also provided the company with on-page SEO services to boost organic traffic. Today, we continue to support the Vasiles Plumbing & Heating website through our cloud-based web hosting service.

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