The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission approached our team about designing a robust website for the town of North Andover. The town needed a user-friendly website with easy access to information for tourists, residents, and business owners. The goal was to position North Andover as a viable business and residential destination. To deliver on this vision, our team focused on UI/UX and developed the ADA-compliant ‘Choose North Andover’ website – designed to ensure site visitors can quickly find relevant resources and learn more about what North Andover has to offer businesses and others in the community.

Our team leveraged WordPress to develop a custom, fully responsive website. We enhanced the website’s design and visual experience using a bold color palette and rich photography. The redesigned website is a much better reflection of the vibrant North Andover community. A key goal of this project was to promote North Andover as a vibrant and exciting location for tourists, residents, and especially businesses. To achieve this, our team worked to create a user-friendly navigation flow and eye-catching webpages with facts and figures, news and highlights, and other key information on North Andover.
The website’s homepage opens with a video banner that showcases North Andover’s vibrant landscape and culture. Business owners can easily find and access the permitting guide and available commercial property list through the homepage. Users looking to visit or live in North Andover can also quickly explore the town’s history, find local shops and restaurants, check out the popular Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens, and browse information on schools and colleges. The homepage also provides a broad overview of North Andover through facts and figures at a glance, a video message from the town manager, and brief news highlights.
ADA-compliant features make the website’s content more discoverable and accessible for site visitors with disabilities. These features allow site visitors to choose an accessibility profile or make content, color, and orientation adjustments on the website to fit their needs. Our team also implemented a translation tool, so site visitors can easily browse content in English or Spanish.
The ‘Why North Andover’ and the ‘Facts & Figures’ webpages further emphasize key reasons why the town is a great place to live and do business. The ‘Facts & Figures’ page, in particular, uses embedded, visually engaging infographics and data maps to deliver useful information on the town’s talent pool, businesses and jobs, and more.

New and existing business owners are the ‘Choose North Andover’ website’s primary target audience. So, our team created the ‘Permitting Guide,’ ‘Resources,’ and ‘Properties’ webpages to engage this group and further demonstrate the town’s business-friendly approach through intuitive web navigation and design.

The ‘Permitting Guide’ provides a step-by-step overview of how to set up a business in North Andover. The page also features an FAQ section with interactive, expandable blocks that house key information on permitting in North Andover.

The ‘Resources’ webpage provides a user-friendly, searchable catalog of programs and resources – including financing, grants, and shared office space – available at the state, local, and regional level to support new and growing businesses. Business owners can get a brief overview of each program, access a direct link to the program website for more details, or send an email to a relevant contact person.
The ’Properties’ webpage features an embedded, easy-to-use tool, allowing business owners to explore communities and find properties available for sale or lease in North Andover.
Choose North Andover Properties
Our team also designed a comprehensive contact directory to make it easy for site visitors to get in touch with town personnel. Site visitors can browse the town hall contacts by department and check reasons to connect with each department. The page also features a custom, user-friendly contact form.
Choose North Andover Contact

We are so excited with the final design of the ‘Choose North Andover’ website. The website is an accessible and user-friendly resource for anyone looking to visit, live, or do business in the town of North Andover. Our team looks forward to working with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission on future creative projects to support and promote local communities!

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