MagnaLube – a company that produces specialty lubricants for industrial engineers – approached our team about developing a user-friendly eCommerce website. The company needed a digital storefront to showcase its products and drive online sales. Our goal was to streamline the customer journey on the website so site visitors could easily find and purchase relevant products.


Our team leveraged a WordPress-WooCommerce integration and created a fully responsive eCommerce platform for MagnaLube, featuring dynamic product pages and frictionless checkout. The website’s color palette and fonts evoke the company’s trustworthy, professional brand personality. The navigation menu is user-friendly, with a logical flow of webpages from products to reviews and case studies.

The website’s homepage was designed to drive user engagement. Vibrant gold and green color accents draw attention to the ‘Buy Now’ call-to-action buttons, newsletter signup form, and contact form that are featured across the homepage. The page also displays some of the company’s major clients to emphasize MagnaLube’s credibility.

To better showcase the company’s grease selection and make the content more accessible to customers, our team designed individual product pages for the company’s MagnaLube-G and MagnaLube-GX lubricants. On each page, customers can view the product image and easily browse in-depth information on the product, including technical details and applications. These pages also feature downloadable PDF datasheets on safety, benefits, price, FAQ, and more. 

Using WooCommerce, our team streamlined and customized the website’s eCommerce functionality. We configured every product webpage so customers can select their desired product size from a dropdown menu, check the corresponding price, and add the item to their cart to begin the checkout process.

The checkout flow is seamless, allowing customers to quickly place an order by entering their billing information, reviewing the order summary, and adding their payment details. Our team also set up UPS, FedEx shipping extensions, conditional logic for freight shipping, and a payment gateway – ultimately providing MagnaLube with a turnkey eCommerce web solution.

Besides implementing eCommerce functionality, we also focused on enhancing the website’s content areas. Webpages featuring customer reviews and client case studies help demonstrate the company’s expertise and trustworthiness. The case studies describe how MagnaLube’s products helped resolve client challenges and optimize performance. Every case study webpage has a clean layout with eye-catching images and design elements, such as quote blocks.

Our team also designed a dynamic video gallery with short tutorials that highlight the capabilities of MagnaLube’s products.

We are thrilled with the final look and feel of MagnaLube’s redesigned website! The new eCommerce website delivers a frictionless user experience and helps engage site visitors through improved content areas. The MagnaLube team can leverage the WordPress CMS to update the site on their own and consistently refresh the case studies, news, and other website content. Today, we continue to provide MagnaLube with web support through our WordPress Maintenance Plan. We look forward to working with the company on future creative projects!

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