With over 100 years of experience, The Standard Rivet Company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of spots, rivets, staples, machines, and tools for setting. The company approached our team about selling their well-known products online through a modern and user-friendly eCommerce website. To achieve this, our team used a WordPress-WooCommerce integration and designed a vibrant digital storefront for the company.


The website’s streamlined design allows for visual product catalogs and frictionless navigation, engaging customers with a seamless browsing and purchasing experience. Through an API integration, our team connected WooCommerce to the company’s Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to ensure greater control over back-end eCommerce operations.

The Standard Rivet Company wanted the new website to feature a more visual and bright design. So, our team created custom WordPress templates with vibrant shades of blue and yellow as well as more room for photos. The website’s homepage, for instance, opens with a big, highly visual sliding banner that showcases some of the company’s key products. As users scroll through the homepage, they see dynamic calls-to-action that encourage them to browse and shop the company’s crystals, featured products, and bestsellers. The homepage also includes eye-catching customer testimonials and a newsletter signup form.

Setting up user-friendly eCommerce functionality on the website was the focus of this project. By leveraging the WooCommerce plugin, our team implemented custom cart, checkout, user account, shipping, and other intuitive eCommerce features on the website. The eCommerce website can also support international ordering. Customers can easily access the company’s multiple product catalogs through the ‘Shop’ tab in the navigation menu. Every product catalog features a clean and visually engaging display of all the items in that category.

Once users click on any item, they are directed to a product page with the description and price for that specific item. Many of Standard Rivet’s products come in variations, such as different sizes, finishes, colors, and prong amount. To accommodate these variation types, we implemented custom variation fields where users can select the exact specifications they need. Once the user selects their variations, the product can be added to their cart. These dedicated product pages also include a selection of ‘Related Products’ to facilitate cross-selling.

The website’s checkout process is fast and customer friendly. Once customers proceed to checkout, they can enter their billing, shipping, and payment information to place an order. Customers can also provide a coupon code and review their order summary before making a purchase. Returning shoppers can log into their customer account to access previous orders, check the order shipping status, and more.

Besides the eCommerce webpages, our team also designed ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ webpages to share the company’s brand story and facilitate customer engagement.

Our team is thrilled with the final look and feel of their new eCommerce website! When The Standard Rivet Company first began operations in 1888, selling their products online was not an option. As we advance through time and technology, it’s exciting to see this well-known company modernize operations to accommodate a new generation of customers. Through streamlined product pages, checkout, and cart features, the website provides customers with a frictionless online shopping experience. Using custom WordPress CMS modules that our team set up, The Standard Rivet Company can easily update the product catalogs and other webpages on their own. Powerful integrations with WooCommerce and Dynamics GP also allow the company to manage back-end eCommerce operations with ease. We look forward to working with The Standard Rivet Company on future creative projects!

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