The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) – the only non-profit organization dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for Progeria – approached GraVoc about redesigning their website. The organization needed a streamlined website to deliver important information to its target audience and encourage involvement. To achieve this, our team designed a modern website for the organization, with content hubs and clear navigation paths for doctors, researchers, and parents. Our team also focused on showcasing the organization’s mission and impact across the website to attract donors and volunteers.


We designed a responsive and mobile-friendly website on WordPress to deliver a seamless user experience and access to content across devices. Throughout the website, our team used authentic photography to convey the impact of the organization’s work, visually and emotionally. We also used a vibrant blue color palette across the website to match the organization’s branding, along with warm orange accents to highlight call-to-action buttons.

The website’s homepage opens with a dynamic banner that includes impactful images of children with Progeria and prominent call-to-action buttons. The page further provides an overview of the organization’s mission, vision, news, and events.

The Progeria Research Foundation has many programs and services to support Progeria research and patient care. So, our team designed streamlined content hubs to house resources for parents, doctors, and researchers. To ensure this important information is easily accessible and discoverable, our team added a mega menu and search bar on the website. The menu breaks down the site content into categories and subcategories, allowing users to quickly navigate to relevant resources.

Our team also implemented a translation tool on the website. Using this feature, the website’s content can be translated into 22 languages – such as Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian  – helping to expand and support global access to the organization’s resources.

The website’s ‘Meet the Kids’ and ‘About’ sections use strong visuals and quotes from the PRF family, dynamic videos of children with Progeria, and deep content to emphasize and humanize the organization’s mission, work, and impact. These sections are the website’s key storytelling assets, designed to emotionally engage site visitors, raise awareness about Progeria, and encourage users to give to the organization.

The ‘About’ section features information on both Progeria and the Foundation. Pages such as ‘Our Story’, ‘PRF By the Numbers’, ‘Our People’, and ‘Chapters’ help show the depth of their organization through detailed content highlighting their staff, finances, and different state chapters. We also used the ‘About’ section to showcase information about Progeria such as ‘What’s New in Progeria’, ‘The FTI Drug, ‘Scientific Publications’ and more. Since Progeria Research Foundation is one of the leading forces for Progeria research, many users who come to their website are looking for information and answers to questions. To streamline this, we added dedicated pages such as ‘Progeria FAQ’ and ‘For School Reports’ to make it easy for users to find information. 

The section ‘PRF Research Programs’ is a centralized hub of all research-related programs. This section is broken out by ‘PRF Research Programs’, ‘Cell and Tissue Bank’, and ‘Research Funding Opportunities’.  These webpages give parents, doctors, and general users an overview of everything that is being done to help fight this disease such as clinical trials, diagnostic testing, and more. The Progeria Research Foundation also provides medical researchers with genetic and biological material from Progeria patients through their Cell and Tissue Bank so that research on Progeria and other aging-related diseases can be performed. We gave this program its own dedicated section with webpages geared towards different cell lines available, ordering information and protocols.

Through the website’s ‘Get Involved’ section, site visitors can find ways to donate, participate, and fundraise. The section also provides easy access to the organization’s online donation portal, Amazon Smile webpage, matching gift finder, and translator PDF application.  

To further drive organic traffic, our team included a ‘News & Events’ section on the website. Here, the Progeria Research Foundation can share upcoming events, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, public service announcement videos, and their TEDx Talks videos.

Finally, our team developed a custom contact form and newsletter signup form for the organization’s new website to help boost user engagement.  

We are thrilled and proud to be involved with the Progeria Research Foundation! Through well-designed content hubs and user-friendly navigation as well as translation tools, the website ensures information on the organization’s programs and services are accessible to its global audience. We look forward to working with the Progeria Research Foundation on future creative projects!

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