Attorneys Nicole Socci and Miguel Nieves, founders of Socci & Nieves Family Law Group, approached our team about designing a new company website. Nicole and Miguel came to our team while working on launching the firm. As a completely new firm, Socci & Nieves needed a modern website that would boost brand awareness and facilitate lead generation. To achieve this, our team designed a website that delivers a frictionless user experience and communicates the firm’s expertise through SEO-friendly, client-focused content.


To ensure a seamless user experience across devices and browsers, our team developed a fully responsive website design in WordPress. The website’s color palette and fonts align with the firm’s branding. Our team used bold blue and red colors to give the website a professional look and feel. Using WordPress’ content management system (CMS), Socci & Nieves can easily post new content to their blog as well as other webpages.

The website’s homepage provides a comprehensive overview of Socci & Nieves – allowing site visitors to browse through information on the firm’s expertise, services, approach, news, and team of attorneys. Throughout the homepage, including the sliding banner, visitors are encouraged to engage with the website or reach out to the team for a consultation via strategic calls-to-action. 

Building a solid SEO foundation was key to driving organic traffic to this brand-new website. The Socci & Nieves website needed engaging, optimized content that would resonate with potential clients and improve search visibility. Through extensive SEO-focused research and collaboration with Socci & Nieves, our team developed a content strategy centered around targeted keywords, service locations, and topic areas. To assist Socci & Nieves with content creation, we gave them a detailed template with an outline of information that should be included on each service webpage.

The outcome? Well-designed service webpages with thoughtful content that showcases the depth of Socci & Nieves’ knowledge and expertise in their practice areas – divorce, family law, modifications, mediation, paternity, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

The content is geared toward addressing client questions as well as highlighting the benefits of working with Socci & Nieves to drive conversions. Content is grouped using creative design elements such as big headers, blue color accents, and expandable blocks. This layout ensures visitors can easily browse and digest the information on each service webpage. Every page also features a user-friendly contact form in the footer.

Our team designed the contact form to include custom fields, allowing users to select the type of case from a dropdown menu and indicate how they heard about Socci & Nieves. Using the form, site visitors can directly reach out to the firm for a consultation without having to navigate away from the website.

To support Socci & Nieves’ ongoing SEO and content marketing efforts, our team included a ‘News & Updates’ section on the website. Here, the team can blog about topics relevant to their practice areas, such as ‘5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Divorcing.’ This way, Socci & Nieves can continue to build brand visibility and visitor engagement.

Since Socci & Nieves works with clients across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, our team also designed a webpage with targeted content for clients from different towns and cities in these states. This page was also set up to boost the firm’s search engine rankings for these locations.

Our team also designed ‘Our Team’ webpages to hone in on the expertise and credibility of Socci & Nieves founders, attorneys Nicole and Miguel. The webpages provide an extensive summary of Nicole and Miguel’s education, community involvement, bar admissions, their compassion and dedication towards clients, and overall experience in the field of family law.

We are so thrilled with the final look and feel of Socci & Nieves’ website! The website does a great job of anticipating client needs and delivering content that speaks to them. Through content areas that focus on attorneys Nicole and Miguel as well as the firm’s practice areas, the website clearly communicates Socci & Nieves’ broad expertise and trustworthiness. User-friendly site architecture and targeted, keyword-rich content ensure the website is set up to boost the brand-new firm’s search visibility and online reach. Today, our team continues to provide Socci & Nieves with website support through cloud-based web hosting and WordPress maintenance.

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