Citizens Inn is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Peabody with four programs designed to break the patterns of instability that lead to homelessness and hunger. The organization approached our team about redesigning their website to deliver a more streamlined and meaningful user experience. Our team developed a thoughtfully designed website that better communicates the scope of Citizens Inn’s programs, mission, and impact to engage potential donors and volunteers.


Our team used WordPress to build custom, fully responsive design templates that matched Citizen Inn’s vibrant branding. Throughout the website, our team prominently showcased dynamic portraits of individuals and families that Citizens Inn has served to visually communicate the importance of their programs and nudge site visitors to get involved. To facilitate deeper engagement with the website, our team streamlined the site’s navigation to create clear paths to content on the organization’s programs, events, and ways to give to Citizens Inn.

When visitors arrive on the website, they’re invited to subscribe to the organization’s newsletter via a pop-up message. An easy-to-browse homepage then offers a quick overview of the organization’s four core programs – Citizens Inn Transition, Citizens Inn Between, Citizens Inn Homes, and Citizens Inn Haven From Hunger. The page also features an engaging video with personal stories from Citizens Inn clients and an eye-catching ‘Donate Now’ call-to-action button.

A primary goal of the website redesign was to drive conversion of site visitors into donors or volunteers. Allowing visitors to build an emotional connection with the organization’s mission and programs was key to facilitating conversions. So, our team designed dedicated webpages for each of the organization’s core programs and a comprehensive ‘About Us’ section.

The individual Citizens Inn Transition, Citizens Inn Between, Citizens Inn Homes, and Citizens Inn Haven From Hunger webpages provide site visitors with comprehensive information on the services offered under each program. Striking, authentic visuals add depth to these webpages. A minimalistic page layout with ample white space allows visitors to easily engage with the content and photography.

The ’About Us’ section provides room to showcase Citizens Inn’s compelling mission, history, and team. The ‘History’ webpage opens with a powerful quote from the organization’s founder, Mary Jane Lee, that emphasizes the undeniable importance of housing security – a core belief that is at the center of Citizens Inn’s work and mission. Content on the page further highlights the organization’s origin story and its growth over the years.

Site visitors can find information on ways to support the organization under the ‘Give to Citizens Inn’ section of the website. This section includes the organization’s monthly donation calendar as well as details on volunteering, the Mary Jane Lee society, and other ways to give.

If visitors choose to make a donation, they can submit their contribution through a user-friendly form. Our team added custom fields to the form, allowing users to select a donation amount, schedule, and purpose. Users can also make a personalized memorial or tribute donation via the form.

Our team also designed an ‘Events’ webpage to showcase both upcoming and past events. Here, site visitors can check how to sponsor or volunteer for a Citizens Inn upcoming event, or they can browse through photos from past events. The ‘Events’ webpages also include a ‘Related Articles’ section to encourage users to read through the organization’s news updates and press coverage.

To ensure site visitors can easily find a Citizens Inn program center, our team developed a ‘Contact Us’ section on the website. The section includes an interactive Google Map and provides the addresses of Citizens Inn’s multiple locations.

Our team is so proud of this collaboration with Citizens Inn. The redesigned website provides a compelling overview of the organization’s mission and programs. Authentic photos, detailed content, and user-friendly functionality, such as the donation form, help drive visitor engagement and involvement. Access to the WordPress content management system (CMS) will allow the Citizens Inn team to manage the website on their own and keep the content relevant. Today, our team continues to support Citizens Inn through our comprehensive WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Plan.

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