Radloop provides turnkey radiology report management software to help hospitals and clinicians close the loop on incidental findings and follow-up patient care. The company needed a powerful website that could communicate the value of its technology to its target audience in the healthcare sector. Our team delivered on Radloop’s vision through a dynamic website redesign that leveraged vivid visuals, optimized content, and improved site navigation to help the company boost brand awareness and lead generation.


Our team used the WordPress CMS to build a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website that provides a seamless user experience across all devices. We incorporated Radloop’s vibrant purple and blue brand colors throughout the website to visually emphasize, through the design, the company’s innovative and forward-thinking brand personality and technology.

The website homepage’s content and design were important to facilitate easier browsing and user engagement with the site. We included a mix of descriptive content, custom animated graphics, engaging video, and strategic calls-to-action on the homepage to offer a complete overview of Radloop’s application, its key features, who it serves, company news and resources, and client testimonials. On the homepage, we also included direct links to Radloop’s recaptured revenue estimator and the login portal for clients to facilitate easy access to these critical resources.

Brand storytelling was key to driving the success of this website redesign and fostering a deeper connection between Radloop and its audience. To sell potential clients on the technology, Radloop first needed to explain the importance of better management, communication, and reporting of incidental findings. So, our team designed a webpage with detailed content on actionable and incidental findings, and how Radloop’s software could close these gaps in patient care.

To highlight the company’s mission and the expertise of its team, we designed an ‘About Us’ section. Under this section, users could find information about the company, their mission, target audiences, and current news. The ‘About Us’ webpage featured detailed information about Radloop’s CEO, Richard Friedland, as well key members of their team in a visually engaging layout.

The ‘Who We Serve’ webpage provides an overview of Radloop’s target audience. This webpage was designed with expandable blocks that further drilled down into specific benefits of Radloop’s technology for professionals in finance, risk/compliance, ER departments, outpatient clinicians, ER departments, and hospitals as well as intensivists.

To support the company’s content marketing efforts, our team created a ‘What’s New’ webpage where Radloop could post company updates and relevant resources. We also included an email signup form to help the company grow its subscriber base and build engagement. 

Early in the project, our team recognized the importance of building streamlined content hubs to clearly emphasize and communicate the benefits of Radloop’s software and the challenges it solves. We designed dedicated webpages that housed in-depth information and data on each of the software’s four key features – risk mitigation, recapture revenue, radiology workflow automation, and data analytics. The webpages also included animated graphics that showcased the software’s interface and custom, easy-to-use ‘Request a Demo’ forms.

The ‘Why Radloop’ webpage further offered an in-depth feature list, covering security, data benchmarking, navigator functionality, application platform, and more. This page helped showcase the efficiency of Radloop’s software design and its ease of use.

Our team is thrilled with Radloop’s new website! The platform truly delivers a 360° overview of what Radloop can do for radiologists, clinicians, and other relevant entities in healthcare as well as the transformative power of its software. Today, we continue to work with Radloop to enhance their on-page SEO strategy and increase organic web traffic. We also provide the company with other creative, information security, and technical services.

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