Our team designed a virtual event website for our long-time client, LEAP for Education, to help them promote and host their annual Great Expectations fundraiser online. Along with website design, our team also provided the nonprofit with hands-on video production services. LEAP for Education is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering students from undeserved communities across Essex County, MA, to succeed in their education and career. This year’s Great Expectations fundraiser was held on April 6, 2022, both in-person and virtually, to celebrate student success and the organization’s 20th anniversary.


Our team designed the website on WordPress, which allowed us to create custom, responsive templates that matched the event’s regal brand colors, fonts, and overall marketing. We also performed a UI/UX test to ensure the website design was intuitive, streamlined, and user-friendly across all devices and screens.

To facilitate the virtual event, our team produced and combined engaging video content into a dynamic recording, which was aired live during the event. The videos communicated LEAP’s journey as an organization as well as the success of its students, alumni, and programs. Along with creating video content, our team also set up an easy-to-use chat feature on the website to encourage participation from online attendees.  Located at the top of the event website, our team streamlined prominent buttons directing users to the donation, auction, and program book pages.

To thank attendees as they donated, our team incorporated a donation ticker on the website, which we updated with new donor names in real time during the event. This ticker was located at the bottom of the video so users could read donors names and watch the event at the same time. The homepage also included a donation thermometer to visually showcase the progress of the fundraiser throughout the event and motivate attendees to contribute to help the organization reach its funding goal.

Besides hosting the virtual event recording, the website also provided attendees with access to centralized information about the event. Directly underneath the video and chat box, we included the program schedule with a link to view their virtual program book. We also highlighted their event speakers through a moving image carousel to showcase to attendees who will be speaking.

To give attendees more in-depth detail about each speaker, our team designed a custom ‘Meet the Speakers’ webpage which included the speaker’s headshot and bio discussing who they are and their involvement with Leap for Education.

To help introduce their honorary & steering committees, we added a section to the event website which displayed their entire team. Highlighting the committee members helps to show thanks and recognition to their team as well as makes attendees aware of who is behind their efforts.

Sponsorships help make an event a success. Leap for Education’s Great Expectations fundraiser yielded over 50 sponsors for their event, showing the dedication and compassion that the community has for this great organization. To help showcase and give thanks to their sponsors, we included a sponsor section which listed out all their sponsors organized by their sponsorship tier level.

We are thrilled with the huge success of the Great Expectations 2022 fundraiser! Through the website and video content, our team helped LEAP for Education expand the reach of the fundraiser and engage a wider audience. Ultimately, the event raised over $275,000 to support the organization’s youth programs!

We look forward to collaborating with LEAP for Education on their future events and projects!

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