GraVoc is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP, a leading independent accounting and consulting firm headquartered in Canton, MA! This collaborative venture is designed to expand on Gray, Gray and Gray’s consulting solutions by providing comprehensive cybersecurity services to organizations across all industry segments.

The alliance between Gray, Gray & Gray and GraVoc will provide the technological skills and resources to deliver a full slate of cybersecurity services. These services include risk assessment, disaster recovery/business continuity planning, security awareness training and testing, IT audit, penetration testing, as well as compliance and advisory services to help clients improve their security posture while meeting industry, state, federal, and international information security regulations and standards.

The outsourced cybersecurity risk management services provided by Gray, Gray & Gray and GraVoc use the latest cybersecurity tools and tactics, which are continually updated to keep pace with new and evolving threats. This extends to incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and preparation in the event a data breach or cyberattack occurs.

The risk of a data breach, ransomware attack, or malware insertion continues to grow exponentially for businesses of all sizes. Half measures and ‘out of the box’ remedies no longer provide the level of protection required by increasingly more sophisticated threats,” said James DeLeo, Leading Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray. “Cybersecurity has become an issue of risk management for all organizations. Our alliance with GraVoc allows us to deliver an effective outsourced solution to this difficult problem.”

Our new partnership will complement Gray, Gray & Gray’s consulting services which will provide clients with access to our extensive cybersecurity programs. These services will help clients reduce risk exposure, improve cyber resilience against evolving threats, and ensure compliance with industry or government regulations.

GraVoc President/CEO, David Gravel, echoed the comments of James and shared his excitement over the newly formed partnership, stating, “For many years, GraVoc has been helping customers protect against the ravages of cyber-attacks.  We have seen first hand how attacks can disrupt and virtually stop an organization in its tracks.  From our experience, the best way to avoid the problems caused by cyber-attacks is to be prepared for their eventuality and to minimize the risk by establishing and implementing security strategy.  We look forward to working together with Gray, Gray & Gray to help their customers assess their risk exposure, enhance their security governance, and to help them put the proper measures in place to minimize their risk of loss.

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