Our team collaborated with North Shore Bank on an extensive website redesign to help deliver an intuitive user experience for both new and existing customers accessing the bank’s financial services online. The main purpose of the website redevelopment was to create an informational site with seamless navigation, interactive financial tools, and clear calls to action to boost customer engagement.


Our team used the proprietary CMS platform, Kentico, to create a secure and engaging website that was consistent with the bank’s branding as well as optimized for browsers and mobile devices. To ensure the site was user friendly, we worked with the bank to anticipate customer needs and accordingly populate the homepage with relevant content and quick links to popular services and resources, such as applying for a credit card or mortgage, ordering checks online, finding support for lost/stolen debit card, and more. The interactive homepage banner, seen below, helps to promote the bank’s key services, such as their college planning tool and finding a lender.

Since boosting visitor engagement was a central focus for North Shore Bank, we added relevant call-to-action buttons throughout the website, including within the site’s streamlined, multi-level site navigation menu. This type of multi-level navigation is great for businesses that want to display all offerings at a glance.  The menu also featured a prominent ‘Online Banking’ button that both individuals and businesses could use to easily create or log into their accounts to access North Shore Bank’s digital banking services.

The site navigation was structured by their core services of personal banking, business, mortgages, customer support, and financial planning. Throughout each section, our team designed dedicated webpages with in-depth information, how-to videos, online tools, and relevant forms for the bank’s services.

The personal banking section provided customers with information on the bank’s different accounts and services such as online banking, mobile banking, checking accounts, savings and retirement, and more. Two noteworthy features of this section were the ‘Open an Account’ webpage and the ‘Checking Account Comparison Chart’.  The ‘Open an Account’ webpage provided customers with an accessible and straightforward solution to open a checking or savings account. The ‘Checking Account Comparison Chart’, seen below, helps users differentiate and compare the benefits and features of the bank’s different checking accounts and decide which is best for them.

The ‘Mortgage Center’ was another customer-friendly component of the website. Our team developed structured and detailed pages on fixed and adjustable mortgages, programs for first-time homebuyers, and jumbo mortgages. To provide customers with a convenient way to apply for a mortgage or return an online application, our team embedded a mobile-friendly login form on the website that allowed users to create an account and access the bank’s application center.

To help familiarize customers with the North Shore Bank mortgage originators, we designed individual webpages for each originator with their contact information, headshot, and bio. Each employee page included a ‘Get a Personalized Quote’ button that gave customers access to a dedicated contact form where they could indicate their preferred originator and contact method to request a quote.

The ‘Business’ section on the website featured extensive webpages highlighting North Shore Bank’s business banking team, deposit services, PPP Loan Forgiveness, business forms, business loans and credit, and more. These webpages provided businesses with detailed resources and easy access to relevant links to streamline their online banking experience.

We also designed a focused ‘Financial Planning’ section on the website with tools that customers can use to help achieve their financials goals. One of the resources under this section was an organized online video library that provided customers with a variety of timely and relevant financial planning topics.

To make it easy for customers to communicate with the bank and find important information such as branch locations, hours, security best practices and more, our team developed a comprehensive ‘Customer Support’ resource hub. This section housed valuable and interactive resources that customers can use to protect their financials or get in touch with the bank.

One of the resources housed under this section are Financial Calculators. We implemented over 30 quick and easy-to-use financial calculators including investment, retirement, personal financing, and mortgage to help customers explore and plan their financial opportunities.

Another key feature of the website was the ‘Current Rates’ webpages. Our team created individual pages that displayed the rates for North Shore Bank’s interest checking, savings accounts, CDs and IRAs, business deposit, and money market in an easy-to-follow and visually appealing tabular format.  The North Shore Bank team can easily manage and update these tables on their own and whenever they need to.

Our team also provided additional functionality on the website such as on-page SEO and ADA-compliant features, to boost the site’s overall visibility and accessibility. For website tracking, we implemented Google Analytics to help North Shore Bank track website metrics such as acquisition, engagement, and more. We are thrilled to have teamed up with North Shore Bank to build a customer-friendly financial services website and look forward to using our expertise to help the bank execute other creative projects in the future!

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