Microsoft announced plans to roll out a new update on Teams that will allow users on Azure Window Desktop and Windows 365 on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to give and take control of the screen during calls and meetings. Until now, Microsoft Teams did not offer support for these controls on virtual machines. The new update is set to be launched in March 2022.

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Teams users on VDI on Azure Window Desktop and Windows 365 can use the give control function to enable another meeting participant to change a file, help them present or demonstrate something. This way, both participants will be in control of the sharing. Similarly, with the take control feature, a user can request control of the screen when another participant is sharing. Once the request is approved, the user can make edits, selections, and any other modifications to the shared screen.

Microsoft will also release the give and take control functions for users on VMware and Citrix on VDI. The update for VMware is scheduled to become available later in April 2022.

As companies pursue a fully remote or hybrid office set-up amid the COVID-19 pandemic, VDI is becoming more common due to its ease of use and security benefits. The upcoming Microsoft updates will ensure individuals using Teams on virtual desktops for presentations, calls or meetings have broader access to key features, such as give and take controls, within the application. Ultimately, this will result in a seamless user experience for all Teams customers across different systems.

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