On June 29th 2021, we held a surprise celebration for our co-worker Ron Smoller, who after 24 years of working at GraVoc has officially retired! Ron started at GraVoc in 1997 where his knowledge and expertise in networking and computers helped shape our company to what it is today.

During his first years at GraVoc and with Y2K right around the corner, Ron kept up to date with the fast and ever-changing technology landscape. We leaned on Ron for his guidance on best practices pertaining to technology infrastructure. As our company grew, Ron took employees under his wing and showed them the value of getting things done the right way and not the easy way. If you ask any current or former employee what their experience was like working with Ron, you will find answers like ‘I leaned on Ron for everything’, ‘Ron was more of a friend than a boss to me’ and ‘Without Ron, I probably wouldn’t have a career in Technology today’. Not only did Ron help our company and customers to succeed, but he also helped our employees realize their full potential, which to us meant more than he will ever know.

While Ron has officially retired, he won’t be a stranger to GraVoc as he will be working as a contractor with us. We would like to thank Ron for his 24 years of service working here at GraVoc, for his guidance and most importantly for his years of loyalty and friendship!

Ron Receives Inaugural “Action” Jackson Award

When GraVoc first started out in the early 1990s, there were only a handful of employees.  One of those employees was  Bill “Action” Jackson.  Bill was a hardworking employee who would do anything to help support his friend Dave Gravel and to help get GraVoc started. In 2018, Bill passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s. Bill left a massive imprint on our GraVoc family and we wanted to honor his memory by creating an annual “Action” Jackson Award.

The “Action” Jackson Award will be presented annually to a member of the GraVoc family who embodies the compassion, dedication and pride of William A. Jackson.  “Action” Jackson was fully committed to the mission of GraVoc and exuded humility, kindness, gentleness, respect, passion, and insight throughout his years here.  With Ron retiring this year, we couldn’t think of a better recipient for the first “Action” Jackson Award. Ron worked with Bill for several years and was honored to have received the inaugural “Action” Jackson Award. Check out pictures below from our ceremony!

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