During our VDI Explained webinar, our Director of Risk Management & Audit, Brian Brunelle, explored the security benefits and advantages of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Check out the clip below to get Brian’s input on how VDI can deliver your operations in a more secure way.

VDI is Agnostic 

VDI offers multiple opportunities that are made easier by VDI infrastructure. An example of this is VDI being agnostic to the end device. If your VDI is configured correctly, none of your data will be living on one device. All data will be stored within the data center of the infrastructure. This is convenient as you won’t have to rely on one piece of physical infrastructure and can take advantage of certain data centers and their security. 

From a general perspective, Brian explains how VDI provides additional security due to its virtualized nature. Instead of having physical machines distributed over a specific area such as offices and homes, these virtualized desktops are all existing on one cloud which gives you the ability to isolate your systems better and the ability to layer security into multiple levels. 

Streamlined IT/IS Administration 

Another benefit that VDI provides is the opportunity of having easier IT/IS administration. Because of virtualized desktops, any action that an organization might take such as patch management, application roll outs, configuration changes and more will only have to be done in one place and those virtual desktops are always reachable and available. 

Our Information Technology and Information Security teams recognize the constant struggle it takes to maintain patch compliance due to physical machine issues. This no longer becomes an issue with VDI as that base level image will always be online and available for users to manage from an information security perspective. And since all infrastructure will be in one place, this makes backup configuration management much easier. 

Threat Management

Lastly, when it comes to incident and virus threat management, Brian explains that with all systems being virtual, they become easy to isolate. If there ever is a security incident, users can easily destroy the virtual desktop without much of an impact because the data is not on that end machine, it is on the servers. Having VDI makes it much harder for hackers to move around laterally. 

As technology becomes more prominent, it is imperative for organizations to use it to their full advantage and VDI is a great and valuable resource to conduct business in a more efficient and manageable way. If you or your organization need any assistance with securing your VDI or implementing a security policy around your VDI, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

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